1. avatar cheesegrater10
    Hello, 25 yo postgrad, easy going, trying to start night/DJing in club/bar in Belfast. Would like to find someone else interested in DJing indie music to expand music collection, DJ with and/or develop club night to approach bars/clubs in Belfast with. Very upfront and classic indie tunes. Send me an email to meet for a drink and discuss possibilities.

  2. avatar JTM
    I'm playing a short indie set in Lavery's next Monday, come and talk to me, might/might not be able to sort something out, but I'm definitely up for a beer!
  3. avatar MtCaramel
    I wouldn't mind getting a partnership going there. PM me on here or Myspace.

  4. avatar jenniemcc
    We have new DJs giving it a go most Mondays @ Lavery's Bunker (Club Sandwich) - you should come down and have a chat with us, hopefully we can help you out, help you meet some like-minded peeps.

    And if you want a slot DJing - give us a shout!