1. avatar The Mango Kid
    I know this should be going
    in the 'gear' section but i need help FAST!
    Which should I get ( I have to make up my mind very quickly cuz its gonna be an xmas present ) a Morley PWO wah or the basic Jim dunlop crybaby GCB-95?!?! :0

    Apparently the Morley is better constructed, but what SOUNDS better?
    T'will be used for playing Chili Peppers-esque funk rock.

    Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!
  2. avatar The Metal
    My first post!

  3. avatar The Mango Kid
    I've got my Boss DS-2 and thats quite enuff for me at the moment.
    Unlees of course anyone feels like donating unwanted pedals to poor lil' me????

    Worth a try
  4. avatar feline1
    Get a rocktek METAL worker for £25 second hand from Smithfield like me.
  5. avatar The Mango Kid
    I trawled Smithfield last week, they haven't really got anything worth buying at the mo'.
    Is your upcoming gig really called Kill a Spyde!?!
  6. avatar James Flumox
    The Morley is really good - I have one. It is, indeed really really well constructed. And it uses LEDs instead of contacts in the pot - this means that you won't have to open it and clean it every few years once the crackling starts to annoy you. When you hear someone else's pedal do this, you will be really glad you bought the Morley.

    If you already use a wah, you might find the Morley's on/off switch tricky at first, but this is a small thing. I don't find it difficult any more.

    In terms of sound, my brother uses a Crybaby - it might be slighly warmer than the Morley, but other things can affect this too. Most wah pedals sound similar enough, in my experience.


  7. avatar feline1
    Yes, it's REALLY called "KILL A SPYDE!"

    Hasn't Shep been putting those posters up then!?!? :-O
  8. avatar The Mango Kid
    I had to get rid of it when times were tough & i needed moolah
    I've never used a cry-baby before which is why I'm tempted to go for it, I KNOW the Morley is really sturdy and reliable, but its just that so many people use the Crybaby & really swear by it. AAARRGHHHH!!!! Its so difficult to decide! Do I go down the 'tried & tested' route and stick with the Morley, or step boldly into the 'unknown' with the Crybaby

    Only time will tell...........
  9. avatar The Mango Kid
    I thought i saw some posters at the top of my street, but i was slightly out of it at the time & thought i may have been just hoping that they said kill a spyde!
    Will you be providing the spydes to kill, or perhaps supplying the audience with some form of weaponry and sending them out in the wild wild streets of Belfast after the gig?
    Aren't you even a wee bit worried that Belfast's spide population may take offence, put on a selection of their finest chunky gold rings, and then wait for you outside?!?!!?
    I think I might actually go to this gig!!! Edited by: The Mango Kid at: 12/11/01 12:01:45 pm
  10. avatar father of soul
    I havent seen any posters as of yet and I have been looking, maybe the Spides are collecting them and fashioning nice shell suits from them
  11. avatar feline1
    Yes, I'm sure the spides from Veekos are covering them all up as quick as they can...

    Surely the spides are far too busy throwing petrols bombs at other spides to be bothered coming to hear some silly synth punk band..?
  12. avatar antojasper
    I know nothing of the Morley Wah.

    My JD Crybaby is over 10 years old, and with no servicing or repairs has seved me well and faithfully for all that time.

    (I had to squirt some WD40 in it last week, because it squeks)

    I also once dropped it about 12 feet onto a lino floor, when it fell out of my Bag, but it never even dented it!

    NOW THAT"S Craftmanship...

    Turns out I didn't even need the WD 40, a little spot of Vaseline on the Plastic bender cog thing, sorted the squeak out.
    Go JD! Edited by: antojasper at: 1/4/02 3:01:56 pm
  13. avatar Niall Harden
    well i use a Danelectro Dan-O-Wah
    matt (bass) uses a Cry Baby
    gareth (guitar) uses a Morley

    i like the Cry Baby best, sound and toughness wise, but the pots get scratchy and dirty and horrible and cost a lot to replace.
    the morley is good, i love the switching but the sweep is very wide and "funky"... the volume is cool too...
    the Dano has 6 different types of wah (?!?!?!?!) plus distortion and octave. it sounds decent, it's hardly a Sherman tank but it's good enuff for me :-)
  14. avatar evelknievellives
    i had the same dilema. the morley was class, but i only REALLY liked the Bad Horsie with the Switchless system but it was too expensive for my tastes.So i went with the JD Cry Baby, and it is top top quality.It really does cut it, it sounds soo damm sexy it just has that sweet sweet tone.So warm, i salute it, and i mean if i lasts me like 3 years which it should as i have everything sweetly in my pedalboard then i will be happy, but at the minute i just love the sound of it, it rocks.Get it every time unless you have the money for the bad horsie in my opinion, it sounded about as good, but the switchless thing was AMAZIN
  15. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    I always used a Crybaby (right from I started- 10 years ago!) until about a year ago. I then thought about going for a Bad Horsie, but decided just to leave wah out of my rig altogether. Now I use no effects whatsoever. Ho hum.