1. avatar spirit of division
    My first post!
    couple of questions with regards to belfast....

    where's your favourite and why?
    what's the most important feature - availability, price, sound, equipment, what?
    do you ever seem to have trouble booking somewhere unless you do it weeks in advance or am I the only unlucky sod?
    anything else you feel relevant.......
  2. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Via Email

    [quote]Eyesclosed contact is 07891001642.

    We have a good core of bands practising regularly but still have some slots. Due to all of us working we need reasonable notice, especially for daytime slots. If you are a regular Fastfude user, deals are available. For reviews of the room just ask - Pocket Billiards, Veteran, The Valentines etc[/quote] Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 9/4/05 3:25 pm
  3. avatar Mick Nemesis
    My first post!
    we usually use 'defaced' which is in the Westlink Enterprise Cetnre at the bottom of the Grosvner Road (just on down from the Royal Hospital).
    Its a the terminus of the M1 motorway and Westlink Junction.

    Its run by a guy called Colin who also provides recording facilites in one of the rooms for demo recording, im not sure how much it is.
    Practice is £10/hr, all rooms have a PA of varying quality, we use one room exclusivly cos its large, airy , has the best PA and is comfortable enuff.
    We are happy enuff there but just to get any work done we need about 3 hours which is £30 and then this 2 or 3 times a week puts a financial strain on all the band.

    what a life eh?

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  4. avatar battleofbelfast
    My first post!
    Electric Studios on the Grosvenor Road does a great job for us. 600watt PA with decent monitoring, 3 mics, all drum kit, a fender amp, a marshall amp and a big old brute of a bass amp. Well insulated and acoustically treated. [url]http://www.electricstudios.co.uk/[/url]
  5. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    My first post!
    Best Cellars Music Collective
    Details on site-

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  6. avatar tinpot anto
    My first post!
    We rent a room in Blackstaff Mill on the Springfield Road.

    It's about £100 a month, access between 7am and 11.30pm.

    If you do the maths for a 4 piece band like us who practice 3 times a week it makes loads of sense.

    Plus we have the space for Shaz's art studio, miscellaneous revolutionary enterprises and general farting about.

    That's if you don't mind getting raided by the fuzz every now and again

    It has historically been very difficult to get a room in here for a band rehearsal space, but recently there are a lot more on the go, including Decoy 47 and a couple of others.

    There is also a furnished rehearsal room called EyesClosed who have set up in one of the units. They are between £5 and £10 an hour.

    I'll check out the numbers for both and get back to you.
  7. avatar maddhousestudios
    My first post!
    We have a practice room here at MADD House Studios, it comes with a yamaha custom drum kit, behringer bass amp, marshall valvestate amp, behringer guitar amp and a vocal amp with an sm58 mic.

    Even if you don't have your own instruments we can hire acoustic, electric and bass guitars out for the session.

    There is even a table and chairs with pen and paper for those creative moments that need to be recorded!!

    It is only £5 per hour, evening sessions are £7.50 each
    5pm - 6.30pm
    6.30pm - 8pm
    8pm - 9.30pm

    The room is available during the day monday to friday from 10am, the session times for these periods are pretty flexible so you can book for as long as you want.
    Saturday sesions are also available.

    You can also pre-pay for sessions, this way even once the studio has closed you can still get access to the practice room.

    Some people may remember the old set-up for practice here and that it was pretty bad, but don't worry there have been significant changes to the equipment and the acoustics of the room.
    Bands that practice here have also been given the opportunity to perform at gigs put on by the studio at Maddens Bar in Antrim.

    In order to use the practice room you have to become a member of the organisation, this is only £5 per person for the year and it also entitles you to reductions in the prices of our training courses and for PA hire!!

    We are based in Antrim Castle Gardens, Antrim.
    Not as far from Belfast as you'd think !!

    for more info contact the studio at
    e: info@maddhousestudios.co.uk
    p: 02894469669
  8. avatar numbnut31
    My first post!
    My place is still operational in Castle Street.

    Kinda similar idea to what Anto is talking about above - i keep it to a few regular bands in order to guarantee the same sessions for each band.

    I have a couple of new slots available if anyone is interested let me know...

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  9. avatar Pete
    Our studio will be availble for rehearsal recordings from this month onwards. Basically you can come in and set up to practice as normal, then we'll mic everything up and you can get stuck in for a couple of hours while it's all multitrack recorded. A bass amp, guitar amp and drum kit are provided (bring your own cymbals and snare... oh and a drum stool!)

    It's not something we envisage bands doing for every practice, but maybe once a month to get new song ideas recorded, try different arrangements etc. It helps to get a clear picture of how things are progressing!

    We already have one band using this facility once a month and they are very happy with the results. I will post up an audio sample of what the recordings turn out like tomorrow, it really is very good.

    The price is £40 for a three hour session, which includes 2 hours of actual practicing/recording and the rest is for set up time and mixing etc. We're based just outside Donaghadee, its about 30 mins by car from Belfast and less than 10 from Bangor/Ards.

    Anyone interested give me a call on 07801290492
  10. avatar seajay122
    My first post!
    We've been using EyesClosed recently, and its been excellant, havta say.

    Previously we were using the Soundmill in Edenderry Industrial Estate on the Crumlin Road, just below Ardoyne. Equipment wise its pretty good, fully functional Remo drumkit with cymbals, snare, etc. Marshall Lead Mosfet (?) Stack, Ashdown Bass Stack and a Peavey Bandit combo. Standard PA also, with pretty much as many mic's as you require. I always really enjoyed practising there, Phil is an absolute legend and last time I checked it was 28quid for 3 hours, tho 2 hour slots are available also.

    Can't seem to find the number at the minute, but i'll hunt it out and post it later for anyone who's interested.

  11. avatar savagebilliards
    My first post!
    pocket billiards practice in the eyes wide shut place or whatever the @#%$ its called its good good equipment good prices etc
  12. avatar father gapon
    My first post!
    hey, does anyone know of any places in south belfast or around queens?
  13. avatar numbnut31
    [quote]hey, does anyone know of any places in south belfast or around queens?[/quote]

    check yer ezinbox
  14. avatar BinaryOperator
    My first post!
    Phil - soundmill is:


    Pretty hard to get a slot though - £30 for 3 hours. Great wee room (though can be cold), and Phil is cool.