1. avatar bcthatsme
    Go see this gig and bring extra socks, because the one's your wearing will be rocked off. You wont regret seeing Tetra Neon. You have been warned. Wish I could go.

    The cherry on the Laverys Cream Bun is Laura Stevenson. She is stellar.

    Fly my pretties!
  2. avatar Osama Bin Rockin'
    Having played with Tetra Neon a couple of times now (including once in the bath,) I can't recommend these guys enough, fantastic wee band, really nice guys too. Can't say a bad word about them.
  3. avatar bcthatsme
    This is tomorrow night! Listened to some Tree songs on their myspace, pretty good, havent heard them live though. If you dont go to this gig, Dracula will come round your house and suck your blood. And he's a busy man.
  4. avatar Elms
    anyone know the stage times?
  5. avatar bcthatsme
    Just off the phone to Dracula there. He tells me Tetra Neon are on Rory McConnells radio show on Radio 1 tonight before the show in Laverys.

    He told me I better tune in or I'd be looking for eight pints of Type O Negative.

    I still love him though.