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    Renamed thread to promote tomorrow's gig.

    I've also posted this over at Metal Ireland, but will be of interest to folks here hopefully?



    Jeff Martin, now on a solo career after breaking up The Tea Party, has relocated to Cork, returned to his musical roots and is playing music close to Led Zep III as a reference point.

    Jeff however is finding it difficult to secure a Belfast gig, namely in Aunt Annie's. Could be that as The Tea Party where never promoted correctly in UK/Ireland, that alot of people have never heard of them and subsequently Jeff.

    Dark Horse (MI forum name) and myself witnessed him at close quarters in Dundalk's Spirit Store last month and were absolutely blown away by his acoustic performance, accompanied by percussionist Wayne Sheehy.

    We will return there on Jeff's second tour of Ireland in May, but are desparate to get him to Belfast too.

    If anyone knows who we can approach in Aunt Annie's or can vouch that Jeff will be a worthwhile draw, then please let us know. Samples of Jeff's work is available at his website and myspace accounts.


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  2. avatar Niall Harden
    weird, another irish solo jeff martin!

    this one is wonderful: http://www.myspace.com/jeffmartindublin
  3. avatar unleashedjohn
    To try and keep things moving, if you have any input into being able to assist with the gig, be it at Aunt Annie's or another suitable venue within Belfast if you could please email Wayne (Jeff's manager and percussionist) directly, although I don't mind acting as a middle man at all to get a result here.

    Please use the following email address (reformat to proper email standard, just don't him getting hit but spam bots):

    wprsheehy [at] gmail [dot] com

    Many thanks!
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    Jeff Martin at the Spirit Store, Dundalk tomorrow night. Should be a classic!

    A sweet version of NIN/Cash's Hurt is on his myspace page now.