1. avatar izzys_return
    My mate asked if I knew of any good wedding bands for his sisters wedding so I decided to ask you folk on here.Basically just wondering if anyone has contact details etc.... as I have no idea of the details for the wedding.As I say derry/coleraine though I would imagine travel wouldnt be too much of a problem for a good outfit.Thanks for any help I recieve guys!
  2. avatar ShowYourBones
    The Goodfellas :shock:
  3. avatar izzys_return
    looking a good band lol,we grew up listening to the goodfellas every week in the same place 'gorteen house' I think something different would be nice for her 'special day' but cheers for the input!
  4. avatar [misterbillz]
  5. avatar splitscreen
    the grove robbers! prob the best cover band i've ever seen, not to sure if they do weddings but they mite!!
  6. avatar LittlrockAx
    pm'd you there


  7. avatar clarinettedn06
    This movie's great!
  8. avatar wannabeflea

    They're better than their online samples too (especially now I'm not playing with them any more!)
  9. avatar SimonC
    Check out "The Proposals".
    You'll get them on Facebook.
  10. avatar legitmik

    This lot are great. Did my sis-in-laws wedding. Pros.
    And my cousin is in the band...:D
  11. avatar Outta' Time Promotions
    Mr.Men from Omagh are probably the best about! http://www.mrmenband.com/home.cfm
  12. avatar dave_b
    Maybe a bit late now, but get in touch with Paul at [url=http://www.musicetc.org/weddings.htm] Music etc.[/url], He'll sort you out :)
  13. avatar EWCraig

    the most metal wedding you'll ever have
  14. avatar brassneck
    Risky Business, the best in the Business.
    You want A REAL LIVE BAND, not a 2-3 piece, book the boys at riskybusinessband.com
    6 decades of material to choose from, great crowd interaction, fantastic musicians, played alongside The Supremes, Billy Ocean, Mica Paris, to name but a few.
    Still a few spaces for 2010.
  15. avatar remainsofyouth
    Aye the proposals are great. theproposals@ymail.com.
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  16. avatar flightstrip
    for a pub gig go direct to the band,for a wedding id reccommend going through an agent such as moonlight entertainment or ambercastle entertainment etc.it means your covered by a contract.make sure u request a full live band if thats what u def want but remember they aint gonna do all the dancey guff so ul need a dj too.there are a few ive bands that also do the dancey stuff towards the end of the night also....best ask about.speak to phil or karan at moonlight,tell em andy sent ya,or colin at ambercastle.
    good luck
  17. avatar conjoy
    great wedding bad, no cheese.
    keen priced and they dont stop!! they do the dj too
  18. avatar unplugged
    Agents covered by conract? Although correct in what you say I generally know wat they do in a awkward scenario - if a band pulls out (usually on the day) is send two orange coloured young women in catsuits dancin to karaoke backing tracks up to your big day. SOmeitmes with a guy standing behind a keyboard which isnt even plugged in with them to make it look good.
    I know people its happened to. Thus contract fulfilled. Plus going through an agent means generally youll pay more.

    Look around. Some good bands out there working for themselves who dont want to feed the tigers so to speak.
  19. avatar Jackamo Entertainment
    http://www.jackamoentertainment.com/ this band are diverse in styles and of a very high standard, check out website and you can contact band through there for pricing etc.