1. avatar ShowYourBones
    Is it just me or does he not bear an uncanny resemblance to Peter Crouch in the snap below (taken from BBC website in conjunction with 'So Hard To Beat' , a look at the NI music scene from past to present).

  2. avatar I'mDead
    Apparently he's writing a song for Crouch about Abigail Clancy, called 'My Lovely Whore'.

    Which is nice.
  3. avatar ShowYourBones
    Rumours are rife that hes also penning a song for Gerrard entitled 'Pancake'.
  4. avatar the*optimist
    Is that photo taken from the mainland episode of Father Ted?
  5. avatar Mexico
    [quote:d46dd0026c="the*optimist"]Is that photo taken from the mainland episode of Father Ted?[/quote:d46dd0026c]

    I dont believe it!
  6. avatar simon_wragg
    if i remember right he was lip syncing some choir boy song!
  7. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    marble arch caves by the look of it
  8. avatar whipchorus
    Reminiscent of Andy Crane, with a rather exotic broom cupboard in the background.
  9. avatar the*optimist
    There is a hint of liverpool top under his jacke there. Or it might be a tank top. Who knows. Resembelance to crouchy though is weird!