1. avatar kingmob
    This album has been blogged to death but holy moley it is fricking immense! Crazy crazy Beach Boys type noise from the drummer(?) of Animal Collective.

    An edited version of Bros off the album can be found [url=www.youtube.com/v/6GQCVOLbRU8]here[/url].

    (I am not a street teamer)
  2. avatar ShowYourBones
    Its on my 'to buy' list, along with Papercuts, Stars of Track and Field, Fields, MSTRKRFT and a few others.
  3. avatar MtCaramel
    Its pretty fucking fantastic.Avey Tare's album is great too.
  4. avatar the dirty weed
    Person Pitch is a mighty, mighty thing.
  5. avatar the dirty weed

  6. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    Aye, super album, great sound altogether