1. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Anybody know anything about those Line 6 spider 212 combos? I hear very good reports about them. Has anyone here used one? If so I'd be interested in yer opinions before I part with any hard earned cash...thanks.
  2. avatar xXFUGAZIXx
    i was looking at one in matchetts the other day, it doesnt seem worth the money to me but ask to try one out and use ur own opinion instead of every1 elses

    oops, don't think the one i was playing was a combo. sorry there Edited by: xXFUGAZIXx at: 12/12/01 3:15:57 pm
  3. avatar antojasper
    err the entire point of this forum is to allow you to see others opinions and experiences to help your own opinion.

    If some one were to say "I bought a Line 6 and it fell to bits after 2 weeks, and the company went bankrupt"

    then that's useful, isn't it?
  4. avatar Niall Harden
    i very very very very nearly bought that 2x12" Spider
    and tried it out for a good while, with a number of guitars,
    and found it to be very versatile and "good" sounding.
    then i left my phone in Matchett's and i wasn't in an amp mood
    then i bought a 130W Peavey amp in Cash Converters for £150
  5. avatar EPK
    Well, being a Line 6 fan to the tune of a 2x12 combo and two PODs, I'd recommend 'em for live use...but get a floorboard, as you'll need it. Expensive accessory, though, at nearly £240 extra.
  6. avatar Jeebas
    Any recommendations for amplifying the POD?

    I usually use low-power Class A valve amps to practice/gig but I like the Fender Tweed sounds from my POD and was wondering how to get a good result in a loud, band situation (it sounds great through my soundcard at lower volume levels).
    Any advice?

  7. avatar EPK
    Use the cleanest amp you can...the PODs already done the work, so you want that sound without additional interference.So...a straight power amp or amp on cleanest setting's the answer.
  8. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    thanks for your views peeps.
    As far as amping a POD is concerned (and I may go down that route myself) most Fender amps would be a good choice as their clean setting is - well - really clean. In saying that, it appears that feeding the POD directly to the PA/recording desk is the best option for sound quality as that is what it is essentially designed to do (but you'll need a monitor feed from the PA in a live situation - which isn't ideal). If you feed it to a guitar amp, you'd be better disabling the mic'd amp-type emulations on the POD before you start.
  9. avatar Niall Harden
    my Peavey has a handy wee imput thing where you bypass the preamp and you connect an external preamp into the amp's power amp. i'm sure there must have been a better way of putting that
  10. avatar EPK
    That's an idealistic solution...and largely impractical for some types of music.
    Imagine hunching over a monitor trying to coax harmonic feedback from it, let alone depending on someone else to give you what your basic need on stage is....you know how difficult it can be getting even a minimally decent monitor feed at the best of times.
    Amps are good.
  11. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    my sentiments exactly!
  12. avatar VelvetHaze John
    The POD has left and right outputs.
    Take the left channel direct to the desk.
    (make your own male cannon to jack lead to keep the sound man happy) Take the right output to your amp where you can use it to hear what you're playing.

    I use this set-up playing live all the time.
  13. avatar EPK
    Yes, but you'll ruin that glorious stereo imagery......