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    [size=18:17137ea5b9][b:17137ea5b9][color=orange:17137ea5b9]TPO/ACOUSTIC DAN/DJ JG.[/color:17137ea5b9][/b:17137ea5b9][/size:17137ea5b9]
    Acoustic Dan[/b:17137ea5b9], the Belfast Housing Estate Troubadour Extraordinaire will be playing some new tunes and old favourites.

    [b:17137ea5b9]Tin Pot Operation[/b:17137ea5b9]
    You know the score, we know the score, you know we know you know the score, that's why you come to the gigs! :)

    [b:17137ea5b9]DJ JG[/b:17137ea5b9]
    The beatmaster responsible for the acclaimed remixes of "Life of Luxury" and "Rather you than Me" makes a RARE public appearance at the turntables to fill your ears with some of the best trancey house about the place.

    One other act still TBC!



    EDIT [color=yellow:17137ea5b9][size=18:17137ea5b9]THE FRONT PAGE[/size:17137ea5b9][/color:17137ea5b9] (where else???)
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    More info :)
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    [quote:23a15292d2="tinpot anto"]More info :)[/quote:23a15292d2]Omitting the location though.
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    TONIGHT in the Front Page.

    Anyone in the mood for a Thursday night blow-out, get your ass down here!