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    * £8.00 PAY AT DOOR

    DJ Frédéric Elalouf, known as DJ Oof has spun at parties since 1992. His musical curiosity has never had any borders with a bit of electro, hip hop, funk and disco but with a real passion for 60’s & 70’s psych rock. ‘Cinemix’ is an audiovisual show made of Cineclips, reedits directed by Oof, who wished to give a new life to movies whilst adding a touch of humour. The footage is mainly from 60’s French films, music videos and obscure TV shows.
    Elalouf has performed numerous times at Cannes Film Festival and organizes monthly parties in Paris, from the famous Ninja Tune Solid steel nights to the psyched out Acid test.

    David Holmes needs little introduction to his hometown. As a DJ he pioneered clubbing in Northern Ireland. As a producer Holmes has made his mark on compiling soundtracks for major Hollywood blockbusters such as Oceans Eleven, Twelve and now Thirteen. He’ll be joined by fellow New Left Bank founder Stuart Watson who has provided live soundtracks to Tetsuo: the bodyhammer and ahem…Turkish Star Wars.
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    David Holmes is the most arrogant guy I have ever met. I like some of his songs though.
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    Any minute now...
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    wait for it...

    (how about a "David Holmes/Goatboy Photo" Forum?)
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    Someone surely has a meaningful illustration of said 'oof!' sound effect?
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    [quote:d935d46179="The Fires of Hell"]Someone surely has a meaningful illustration of said 'oof!' sound effect?[/quote:d935d46179]
    Not meaningful but one cant go wrong with this composition by Ed Ruscha. Exquisite.
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    Ah Gogs. You never let us down.
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    I hear he sweats hammers and has racist graffiti sewn into his lips on a nightly basis.
    This can only be a good thing.
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    [quote:c799b90eca="clairegodublin"]David Holmes is the most arrogant guy I have ever met.[/quote:c799b90eca]

    [quote:c799b90eca]and I conquer with yer woman up there.[/quote:c799b90eca]

    i completely disagree with this