1. avatar feline1
    Here y'all,
    I've just spent about an hour browsing on sites like Richer Sounds, Sony UK, Sharp UK and indeed "empire direct", and frankly, here's me: 'wa?'

    Does anyone out there know of a portable minidisc player&recorder which has S/P-DIF digital in/outs, rather than silly TOSlink 'optical' ones?

    (or am I gonna have to buy a S/P-DIF-to-TOSlink-optical convertor box as well as a minidisc recorder???)

    I simply want a device which I could take to our gigs, set on the main mixing desk to record the set for a wee souvenir,
    then allow me to export the audio digitally off into my computer to put on a more convenient format (CD)
  2. avatar fastfude
    I was under the impression that one couldn't really do a "true" digital copy to computer from minidisc, as the port you receive the signal on yer soundcard (line-in or whatever) merely does an analogue sample, introducing line-noise from cables and so on.

    Shirley, you'd need an interface like USB or Firewire and a piece of software designed to communicate with the minidisc player and transfer digital data which can then be converted to .wav or sthg later, much like a digital camera would with pics?

    And anonther thing, don't minidiscs use some minor compression or bandwidth cap when storing so that its marginally less than CD quality anyhoo? This may be a complete wives' tale, but it's in the back of my head from somewhere
  3. avatar EPK
    Yep, there's a compression being used, so the best thing is to use the analog outs, and then clean the resulting wav up in a wave editor. That'll do VERY nicely....I've done it quite a few times.
    You won't get an SPDIF on a small portable, as it'd stick out and irritate people's thighs.
  4. avatar feline1
    cheaper soundcards do just have an (anlogue) 'line-in' socket,
    but more expensive ones also have a digital input.

    this means ewe can load the sound in digitally (ie, as a file)
    rather than as an analogue waveform in a wire....

    DAT machines, ADATs, decent CD players etc etc will have
    'digital out' sockets that ewe could plug into the 'digital in'
    socket on such a soundcard...

    I'd like to get a minidisc with similar 'digital out' socket.

    The complication is that there's at least 3 stanards of digital
    signal - Optical (TOSlink), "S/P-DIF" (song/philipps digital interface)
    and "AES/EBU" (Audio engineering societry/eternally bullshatting uberlords)

    Most minidiscs seem to only have the "optical" digital out,
    whereas most of the other gear I'd use would have S/P-DIF...

    ewe cAN Buy a TOSlink-to-S/P-DIF convertor box,
    but that would be yet more expense...