1. avatar rentaghost
    This week we are going funky on yo' ass, with Edna Welthorpe


    I am reliably informed that Amy McGarrigle has got 'da' funk as well. She is also an ace singer-songwriter.


    ALSO, there is a VERY IMPORTANT THING to look at [url=http://www.stopthetraffik.org/default.aspx]HERE[/url]


    Fairtrade Belfast has launched the first ever Fairtrade Awards, to recognise businesses and employers across Belfast for their commitment to Fairtrade.
    There will be five categories: Best Independent Retailer, Best Supermarket, [b:6001d85874]Best Café[/b:6001d85874], Best Bar/Restaurant and Best Employer.
    Volunteers from Fairtrade Belfast, will visit Fairtrade outlets to carry out judging. They will be looking for the promotion of Fairtrade products, including how prominently they are displayed on supermarket shelves or how easy they are to buy in coffee shops, cafés and restaurants.

    Nominations also can be submitted by e-mail, to


    The deadline for nominations is 30 April.
    The winners will be announced on World Fairtrade Day, on Saturday 12 May.
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  2. avatar Speed Demon
    I believe that Edna Welthorpe have gone back to their roots and re-formed as the Shameless Hussies, just consisting of Kasey & Jai. The music should sound more like the kind of thing on that Myspace, rather than the Santana-influenced "world music" that I heard them play last. This is a very good thing.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    yep i saw the name change on myspace, but i was asked to bill them as Edna Welthorpe and did so.
  4. avatar rentaghost
    yesbut amy mcgarrigle!
  5. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:a21b2b86b7="rentaghost"]yep i saw the name change on myspace, but i was asked to bill them as Edna Welthorpe and did so.[/quote:a21b2b86b7]I had the wrong end of the stick. Both bands are continuing, so you'll have the pleasure of the more jolly part of the package.

    I think they need two Myspace sites.
  6. avatar rentaghost
    i think you may be right, but regardless of that, they are class.
  7. avatar rentaghost
    bumpah bumpah stick it up your jumpah