1. avatar Cav
    My first post!
    Catoan (Formerly Paddy Mckeown & Band) have just put up Live videos from Common Grounds Cafe in Belfast.

    they can be seen at you tube:


    and on the Myspace:


    Obviously check out the myspace for regular updates of coming gigs, releases and for the usual musical output (tracks on myspace are changed regularly for your listening pleasure)

    [b]Expect new studio recordings in the near future as well as a (format undecided) release of Catoan performing live at Radar in the Speakeasy bar. Also the real website coming soon at [url]http://www.catoan.com[/url][/b]

    ....Or just sign up to the mailing list on [url]http://www.myspace.com/catoan[/url] and you can get all the regular updates and info straight into your email! :wink:
  2. avatar rentaghost
    I thoroughly endorse this product and/or service.