1. avatar campfiredisco
    Excellent condition, barely used, gigged once! Boxed with manual. bought about a month or two ago, and after a bit of messing about, its not really what im looking for. Some lovely warm sounds off it,but im using it on bass, and want something a bit more death from above. £35, ill post for £7..

    Any offers comment, pm, or email...gmcd03@hotmail.com
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  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    A bit off topic....but good luck getting the DFA sound with a pedal mate! The amount of modifications the guy uses to his Rick and pedal/amp setup is insane.
  3. avatar campfiredisco
    haha, aye true man! i know i wont get that sound, was just an example of how much heavier i want it! cheers for that though!
  4. avatar campfiredisco
    still available!
  5. avatar campfiredisco
    right, ill take £30 then for it!! I dont really want to go to ebay, cause they seem to like taking whatever money i make off me! £30, good price, good pedal!
  6. avatar campfiredisco
    right, interest coming and going for this...i'll post this pedal if i get £33 for it! great price considering is being posted! pedal is like new, and comes boxed with manual!!!