1. avatar campfiredisco
    we were priveleged enough to support these bands today, excellent music, went down a treat. im guessing people hear know these bands, but if you dont....


  2. avatar cruz
    In my opinion, ASIWYFA are the best band in the country right now, they launch their e.p this Wednesday in Auntie Annie's. And you're right, it'll be an honour to play with them.
  3. avatar campfiredisco
    oops, bad english, i meant people here! it was just after the gig, in the early hours of the morning!
  4. avatar huggy baps
    Aye last nite was good craic leek! ASIWYFA were excellent as usual, i had a bit of a nightmare between strings and straps breaking sure thats the way it goes! Diceys has to be the stickiest venue ever! Good crowd though, and pint bottles of cider for £2.60 gets the thumbs up! Im sure we'll be back.
  5. avatar campfiredisco
    haha, right enough man. you just stick to the floor as you walk!!haha