1. avatar Arcane
    18th of April!!Prob £3 in.
    Also playing are Tribulation and Voices of Agony.
    Should a great night of beer and rock!!


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  2. avatar Arcane
    Hopefully there should be T-shirts n'stuff!!
  3. avatar Arcane
    We got the cd's at the weekend and they look great.We're really happy with them! :D
    For anyone that is planning on getting demos copied or flyers done we highly recomend
    clockworkindustries, great quality at great prices :wink:
    Cheers Pete!
  4. avatar Arcane
  5. avatar Arcane
    Next Week!!
  6. avatar Arcane
    A wee poster bump.
  7. avatar Arcane
    A' LA bump
  8. avatar Arcane
    I guess we have no friends on fast fude. :(
  9. avatar huggy baps
    excellent set last nite! Arcane rocked the shíte outta the place!
  10. avatar Arcane
    Cheers for coming down bro !!!! :-D
  11. avatar Kerz
    You guys where amazing, so where the other 3! But you's were the best!