1. avatar Bones
    Im lookin' for any decent 2x12 or 4x12 cab with good speakers!
  2. avatar kinta1
    im selling a boogie 2x12 recto cab fully flight cased. if interested.
  3. avatar Bones
  4. avatar encore
    i have one of these and i like it, got some nice 30w speakers in it, if only i had the valve head to go with it...


    think its esp. gd @ megadeth covers :roll:
  5. avatar Andrew Mc Gibbon
    If you don't mind waiting, I have a 4x12 that I'm splitin' into 2 2x12's one of which will be surplus to requirements.

    It's all celestion greenbacks, I'll be recovering them in white tolex, leather handles and all that stuff, proper vintage looky, could be a month or two though, but it will sound fanny-tastic.