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    I'm a Belfast based drummer looking for an industrial guitarist to start a project... gender not important.

    Think industrial.... think NIN, Rammstein, Sulpher, Moth Complex, Lluther, Pitchshifter, Gravity Kills, Godhead etc. and you'll be somewhere in my ball park.

    I want someone who can work with clean sounds as well as distorted. I'm not wanting any widdly-widdly-woo soloing, thats just boring... I want catchy riffs, and playing to compliment the song.

    Egos or pretentious tits need not apply, you'll not last 5 minutes with me. I'm already in contact with a couple of bassists, but really need a guitarist to get things moving, I need riffs to work with. I'm also a programmer, I intend to have a strong electronic element to the music (via laptop), precussive loops, unusual textures etc.

    Anywho, if you're interested, give me a shout.
    Cheers, Paul.
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    bump uglies
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    hey id be interested im into fear factory, rammestein, deathstars, NIN, meshuggah, pitchshifter, mnemic amongst others. i play guitar and have been for bout 3 years. im from belfast, where bouts you from and wheres your practics space?
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    PM'd you
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    My first post!
    Hey there I play bass was wondering if you were still looking musicians? I'm in Belfast btw lol let me know anyway
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