1. avatar evelknievellives
    Anyone heard one or know where i can hear one, cos Christmas is comin and i am thinkin of getting one, but i can't find anywhere to hear it.Do you know if they are any good?
    I just don't fancy spending £200 on the Line6 delay modeller, too much, an i can get the memory man for £140 in me guitar magazine, the Boss DD-3, is alright, but a bit too digital for my liking.SO any ideas, or anyone heard a Deluxe Memory Man?
  2. avatar Niall Harden
    i have used the Memory Man and it's a f**king excellent pedal... BUT i got the Line 6 instead (i know, my soul is lost forever :-( and i'd advise you to try it thoroughly first. alternatively i have an Ibanez Echomachine for sale ;-)
  3. avatar The Evangelists
    Apparently The Edge's first pedal was a Memory man unit.
  4. avatar Jeebas

    (click on the "?" beside the pedal you want to hear and you'll get a list of mp3's to choose from)

    or try:


    The "test suites" are a good indication of what this effect can do.

    ToneFrenzy is a great site for loads of FX samples.

    Good Luck