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    Shiro have just released their debut ep and you can get it at [url]http://www.tearsmountsorrow.co.uk[/url] or by emailing us at shiroband@gmail.com - Tshirts and other merch are also availible at [url]http://www.tearsmountsorrow.co.uk[/url].

    We have some shows coming up around the country which will be posted soon.

    you can hear samples of the four track at [url]http://www.myspace.com/shiroband[/url] or at http://shiroband.bebo.com
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    Take a listen! ;-)
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    bump :!:
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    Gig Dates:
    22nd of May - Sandino's, Derry - with Fixation £3
    23rd of May - Lavery's Bunker, Belfast - with Iron Skies £3
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    Gigs updated!