1. avatar palrub
    we got the gear, you got the enthusiasm?

    tried guy players, didn't gel at all, gonna try a few girls out: backing vocal ability a plus but not essential.


    It's not mindblowingly original nor pretentiously art-fuq, but we promise a bitta fun and laughs along the way.

    Belfast Area
    own gear a plus but we have alotta stuff at our disposal
    inf: muse / arcade fire

    Oh, and we have our own fully equipped rehearsal space. yea.

    PM IF INTERESTED or email magna_cartel@hotmail.com

    James Conor Mark Ray
  2. avatar comprachio
    gender equality buckos????

    And I hope yer band is equal parts pradisin an kethlick;)
  3. avatar drakeguild
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  4. avatar *Russell*
    good luck to yas
  5. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Hmmn, bad times.