1. avatar The Mango Kid
    Anyone know of pros/cons?
    I'd quite like a 'proper' Gibson but unfortunately don't have the moolah so I'm gonna go for a replica.
    What are the major differences between the replicas/originals anyway?
    [url="http://www.regentguitars.co.uk"]www.regentguitars.co.uk[/url] have a Vintage VS6CG for £189 & a VS6b for £169.
    Can anyone help out? Does gold hardware on the VS6CG really make a difference? Are Epiphone replicas better? HEEEEEELLLLLLP!

    At the min I 'play' a no-brand three single coil guitar through a fender frontman 15w baby amp, but am thinking of buying one of these new Marshall AVT50s, does anyone know anything of these?

    Thanx in advance compadres
  2. avatar evelknievellives
    I got an Epiphone G-400 Custom, and it is absolutely top notch.Its the cream one with the white pickguard, gold hardware and 3 humbuckers.It sounds damm damm good because of the three humbuckers, and you can turn the middle one off if you like the classic SG sound, but i think it sounds superb with all three on at once, although the best setting is the Bridge setting with the bridge and middle pickups on.
    Mine came from england with a hardcase, and it was much cheaper than i would have got it for from over here, matchetts have it reasonably cheap.Its a top notch geetar if you can get your hands on one, plus i've noticed that nearly all Epiphones wheny ou get them break strings incessantly for ages until you either fix it with sandpaper, or it wears itself out, but this one doesn't suffer from it, dodgy pots or any other guff.
    It comes in black which does look a bit better than the vintage creme, but i couldn't get one, but the creme looks foxy anyway.
  3. avatar The Mango Kid
    A guitar such as yours would still be outside my meagre budget, I still haven't been able to find a review/people's opinion on the Vintage replicas on that thar website [url="http://www.regentguitars.co.uk"]www.regentguitars.co.uk[/url] I am drawn to the rather cheap black SG copy, but am wary of buying what could turn out to be a pile of sh*ite! AAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!!!
  4. avatar glzebub of four star
    if it's any help i saw some review of those new vintage SG's in total guitar and guitar world not too long ago. i think i have the reviews somewhere. if i can find them i'll type up a summary. from what i can remember they are good guitars and definately in the same league as the epiphone SG.
  5. avatar The Mango Kid
    A wee summary would be great! Cheers!
  6. avatar Epic Muse
    My first post!
    interestingly enough both guitars are made inthe same factory but epiphone require more attention paid to the necks and frets and the pickups are of a slightly higher quality.
    Personally I would buy the epiphone as you shouldnt have to spend money on a fretdress later on.
  7. avatar Jeebas
    If your still looking for a review of the Epiphones your best bet is:


    I've bought quite a few bits and pieces on the strength of the Harmony Central reviews and haven't been disappointed yet.