1. avatar adi___
    I'm back home from university for a month and want to earn some money. Does anyone know of any short-term or one-off opportunities available in the Lisburn of Belfast area? Any help would be truly, truly appreciated :D

  2. avatar Mexico
    try a temping agency like diamond or grafton
  3. avatar damageplanner
    lol mcdonalds man lmao. im in there atm and its easy work easy to get into and not too bad money like
  4. avatar Danny McCormack
    [quote:9050fa68fa="damageplanner"]im in there atm[/quote:9050fa68fa]

    You should be dressing a Big Mac instead of posting on FF then :D
  5. avatar ryanego
    Try industrial temps in lisburn just behind the linen centre. I got some work loading and unloading sultanas at short notice for a couple of weeks last year. You get a flat rate, so if you're quick you get about 20quid for an hour an a halfs work.
  6. avatar danbastard
    [quote:1da7f64a9d]lol mcdonalds man lmao.[/quote:1da7f64a9d]

    I don't get it...
  7. avatar adi___
    thanks everybody
  8. avatar flaresnflowers
    work from home

  9. avatar remaderyan
    do you actually do that? and is it worth doing?
  10. avatar wild_wonderful
    what kind of a post is this ?

    why the fuck are you sorting out that here? lol

    get a job like any normal perosn who doesnt ask on here
  11. avatar flaresnflowers
    I've havnt tried doin any of the work on there, only heard about it the other day, if I had more time I would probably try doing some see how it worked out.
  12. avatar tingtatingtingtingtating
    As Mexico said, if you go into Grafton - they'll get you a job almost right away - they're brilliant.

    But - if I was only back from Uni for a month - Personally - I'd just doss around and enjoy the time off - sign on the dole or something!