1. avatar PaulMAK
    I'm in that mood, the mood for a good night out to see a local band. I've not had much time as I used to catch as many bands as would like and, if im honest, dont really know these days, who are the bands to see.

    Lets put it this way - if there are 2/3 bands I must see, not knowing of any new acts in the last, say year, who would they be and why?

    It'd be good to get some reasons on your choice - and maybe from people outside of the band in question, though self belief is a wonderful thing :-)

    Paul MAKs

  2. avatar Pete
    I never thougt I would see the day that a post from The Mak was ignored!!

    Anyway, my favourite recent discoveries are Boathouse and Ablespacer, but disappointingly Ablespacer very recently become drummerless.
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    come to the Limelight tonight to see Radial Nerve (ex- Kidd Dynamo) and The Barry Peak & Niall Harden rockshow featuring jonnyashe, and Ruby Colley!
  4. avatar unplugged
    We have been doing very well recently Paul. We done a blinder last night down in Newry. Great gig.
    Havent seen you on here for an eternity.

    Anyway check out the gigs page on the site. Hope your musical projects are going ok man.


    Playing down in Carrick this Friday and Dungannon the following week.
    Would be good to see you at a gig.
  5. avatar PaulMAK
    Good stuff Ryan, I'll try make one very soon! I have seen Boathouse, firstly to see my friend in the band play guitar, but now try and catch them because they are a great live act.

    Pete, I too, am, well, speechless :-)

    Paul MAKs

  6. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    i recommend Myosin
  7. avatar kingmob
    They sound interesting. What's their website?
  8. avatar kingbowski
    I seen PaulMAK had posted and thought I had gone back in time! 8)
  9. avatar huggy baps
    [quote:bfee70809d="unplugged"]We have been doing very well recently Paul. We done a blinder last night down in Newry. Great gig.

    outta interest, where was that?
  10. avatar unplugged
    This place


    nice big venue. Has a nice atmosphere. We went down a storm.
  11. avatar cruz
    I recommend ...And So I Watch You From Afar, playing this Wedesday in Auntie Annie's.
  12. avatar ginpromo
    The Natural Causes, every Friday The Brass Monkey Newry,
  13. avatar campfiredisco
    yup, ASIWYFA will amaze and astound you!
  14. avatar PaulMAK
    amaze and astound me? hmmm... sounds interesting!

    Paul MAKs