1. avatar whosbainejakey
    Just in on the wire:

    [quote:ab27832dfb]The Answer have now joined the most exclusive club in Northern Ireland (other members include Ash, Snow Patrol and Van Morrison), what can it be?

    With sales of their debut album ‘Rise’ over 70,000 and counting, sold out shows in Japan where the album was one of the highest entries for a new band in its week of release and a tour with the Eagles of Death Metal around Australia, it seems as if 2007 is the year when The Answer join the club and truly become an international Rock Act.

    So far they are one of the few British Rock success stories of the year and this summer will see the band play at over 30 major festivals around the world and also supporting Aerosmith in London, ontop of their most extensive European tour to date with most of the shows selling out in advance so the word is spreading. Quickly.

    In response to the ever growing army of fans in Northern Ireland and across the border, The Answer will be headlining their largest show to date at the Belfast Mandela Hall on the 11th May with a show at Dublins Temple Bar Music Centre the night before on the 10th May.

    Not bad for 4 lads from Downpatrick…

    10th April HAMBURG LOGO
    11th April AARHUS VOX HALL
    13th April GARAGE BERGEN
    14th April OSLO JOHN DEE
    19th April PARIS FLECHE D'OR
    21st April FLORENCE VIPER
    26th April BARCELONA APOLLO 2
    27th April ONATI GAZTELEKU
    28th April MADRID EL SOL
    11th May BELFAST MANDELA HALL[/quote:ab27832dfb]
  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    Fair play to the boys, it just goes to show what hard work and dedication can get you! Will hopefully catch them at the Mandela.
  3. avatar goatboy
    70,000. That's proved a few people wrong.

    Well done, I say.
  4. avatar 3cigarettes
    Well they are obviously extremely dedicated musicians and it's working well for them, so congratulations are indeed in order.

    Sorry to say though, and don't bite my head off for daring to express an opinion, but could they be any more like Led Zeppelin?
  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
    That is fricking style.

    Great band and great debut album.
  6. avatar Osama Bin Rockin'
    Have to disagree here (not that anyone cares I'm sure)... anything I've seen of the answer has failed to deliver, I think they're just overhyped throwbacks, who, in all fairness, are obviously putting the work in, but for what? What can they offer music? I don't see it lasting for them.
  7. avatar GrahamSmith
    Delighted the album is doing so well!

    I was in the studio with them last month taking photos while they worked on a few new tracks and alternative versions of their album tracks for this tour and they were in a very positive and happy mood...I know it is the ultimate cliche but they are "really big in Japan", with the album selling over 20,000 in the first day of release there! (can't remember the exact figure).

    Lets hope 2007 will continue to see them grow!
  8. avatar joemac
    by the way its not 4 guys from downpatrick... think only two are from there, one from newcastle and one from another place, sorry paul
  9. avatar izzys_return
    Sorry to say though, and don't bite my head off for daring to express an opinion, but could they be any more like Led Zeppelin?[/quote:3ae8eeb91b]

    Thats what I thought at first,but,I reckon they just have that kinda blend goin',they sound alot like the faces,free,and all those other bands in that genre but I like to think they brought in a little more modern blend too.Also cormacs hair just shouts 'PLANT' so the led zep thing is a visual fact too.Any band this day and age gets labelled 'the new'whoever.They rock!led zep rocked! and i f**king love it!
  10. avatar PaulMAK
    Its all looking rosy for them! I remember listening to their early mixes in EPKs studio and some guide tracks and being impressed with them.

    I'll admit im not a fan but I cant help but admire them and be delighted that all the hard work has paid off for them.

    It would be nice to hear them more on the radio, they are better than a lot of the nonsense out there, but then I think I should be on the radio so I cant really talk :-D .

    Paul MAKs

  11. avatar PaulMAK
    [quote:bec74f693f="3cigarettes"]Well they are obviously extremely dedicated musicians and it's working well for them, so congratulations are indeed in order.

    Sorry to say though, and don't bite my head off for daring to express an opinion, but could they be any more like Led Zeppelin?[/quote:bec74f693f]

    Your right to express it, and yeah they do, but sure we all try to be like our influences, its their levels of success over other local acts that makes their 'copying' seem more evident.

    I remember Edwin McFee writing in the Tele that I couldnt rip off jamiroquai more if I tried, and to be honest, he was probably right - but then that was me following my influences with a degree of naivity at the time.

    Its all good.

    Paul MAKs

  12. avatar ratherfunkychemicaljunky
    Don't really think so. I like the Answer. I don't like Led Zeppelin. So as far as I'm concerned they're quite different
  13. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    We've been told to lay off the new order. The only New Order I have is a best off that I got free...
  14. avatar The Joker
    Yeah congrats to The Answer who are winning fans all over the place these days. If i'm not mistaken they have just recently played Tokyo! So fair fux to them I say. :smt038
  15. avatar Kingnez
    i like the answer

    i just wish the guitarist would keep the vertical guitar stuff for the fancy dan bits it looks s4it when you do it all the time
  16. avatar whipchorus
    Xerox Zeppelin. The Datsuns had plenty of fans too you know.
  17. avatar Hamish
    The Answer deserve the kudos. They've worked fookin hard for it. Cormac did the lights for us at a gig in Sept 2005 and they were going on tour the next day... they've pretty much been on tour ever since, so fair play.
    I've also just seen an ad in classic rock magazine for a gig in Hyde Park in June where the Answer are second on the bill behind Aerosmith, good work fellas!!
  18. avatar The Limelight

    Friday 11th May
    Mandela Hall
    Tickets: £11.50
    Doors: 7pm

    Tickets on sale now from Queens University Belfast Student Union, Katy Daly’s, Virgin & all usual Ticketmaster outlets. Credit card bookings & info: 0870 243 4455. Book online at www.wonderlandpromotions.co.uk



    One of the British rock success stories of 2006, The Answer blast into the new year with a brand new single, the stunning ‘Be What You Want’ out on March 12th 2007 through Albert Productions.

    This uplifting, inspirational rock anthem will be released digitally and on 7 inch vinyl offering with it, a host of musical gems. Both formats include the much coveted Aerosmith cover ‘Sweet Emotion’ with the digital bundle also offering an acoustic version of previous single ‘Into The Gutter’ and a live version of album track ‘No Questions Asked’.

    ‘Be What You Want’ is the third single to be lifted off their debut album ‘RISE’, which has now reached Impala SILVER certification status in Europe (including UK and Eire) selling over an incredible 50,000 copies since its release in the UK (July) and Europe (Sept).

    To coincide with the single release the band head out on their largest UK headline tour to date. Their immense foot-on-monitor-guitar-wielding-head-banging-good-time-rock ‘n’ roll will be at the following venues:

    The last time they played the UK it was a sold out show at London’s Mean Fiddler venue back in November. Since then they’ve toured heavily throughout Europe, recruiting a fevered army of fans across the continent. Directly after the UK shows they jet off to Japan where their recent album release has shot into the international charts top 5 selling 10,000 week 1!! Following that Australia beckons where they will be touring with the Eagles of Death Metal!

    If 2006 saw the band cement their solid foundations at the forefront of the current rock scene; 2007 will undoubtedly see them be catapulted to super-stardom and worldwide domination.

    The Answer play the Mandela Hall, Belfast on Friday 11th May. Tickets, priced £11.50 including booking fee, are on sale now from QUBSU, Katy Daly’s, Virgin & all usual Ticketmaster outlets.

    Credit card bookings & info: 0870 243 4455 or book online at www.wonderlandpromotions.co.uk
  19. avatar Danny McCormack
    Excellent! I've heard Be What You Want many times on The Arrow Rock Radio (the best rock station in the UK by miles IMO) and it's a real cracker. Can't wait for the gig!