1. avatar Harv
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a little reminder about our little ‘Stormzone’ rock extravaganza tomorrow night (Saturday) in the Rosetta, Belfast. Doors are open at 8.00pm and everything gets underway with the Electric Circus DJs belting out all your favourite rock classics. There are three bands playing live with ‘Nice ‘N’ Sleezy’ due on at 9.10pm, then ‘Revengance’ at 10.00pm and ‘Stormzone’ hitting the stage at 11.00pm. Because of the live music curfew in the Rosetta area we will be playing until 12.20am, but the venue remains open until 1.00am and again the excellent Electric Circus will continue to please everyone with some excellent rock requests. They will also be keeping things ticking over splendidly in-between acts. All this for the meagre sum of £6.00 entrance fee (well we had to do something to encourage people who are going to the previous night’s UFO gig too).
    Seeing as the Rosetta is literally being turned into a Stormzone, you can expect thunder, lightning, fog and plenty of pyros, but don’t worry about rain as the only liquid will fortunately be in plentiful supply at the bar and a drinks promotion should also temper the bad weather inside, haha! As has been the case with many people I’ve talked to lately the band hasn’t escaped the recent flu epidemic and rehearsals this week were worryingly accompanied by strepsils, hankies and cough bottles instead of the usual lubricants (oh dear, that didn’t sound the best!) but fortunately we seem to have shaken it off enough in time and we’re so looking forward to giving those gracious enough to attend a cracking night of hard rockin’ entertainment.
    A delay in the printing means the T shirts are only being sent tomorrow so won’t be available for the album launch, but they’ll be on sale when we play with Danny Vaughn and Million$Reload in May. CDs will definitely be available, but because of pre-show demand and direct sales from our myspace web page they’re limited to 100 copies available on the night. They’re on sale all night at £10.00 each and the first 50 are accompanied by a rather spiffing limited edition Stormzone sticker, so if you’ve delayed buying the CD until the gig then please try to get there early. Because we’re off-stage at 12.20am and the gig goes on ‘til 1.00am we’ll be able to dry off and join the audience afterwards for a few drinks, a part of the night I’m also really looking forward to as it’ll give us the opportunity to personally thank those who have made the effort to attend the gig and show such great support to us and other rising bands on the local scene lately.
    So that’s it, let the games begin and the rocking start in earnest. Hopefully see you tomorrow night,