1. avatar bassboy
    My first post!
    Hi, for sale is my Warwick Corvette 5 string fitted with a Bartolini Musicman pickup and a Bartolini TC-3 preamp. I bought it new in 1985 from John (now in Bairds) in Matchetts. The bass is in perfect condition no dings/scratches etc etc. It's on ebay with a low reserve but if somebody were to offer me £400 locally i will end the auction.

    Anybody interested drop me a line

  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    Wow, this is VERY early for Warwick, I'm sure any Warwick aficionado knows that German Warwicks pre-95 were a LOT better than the current machined crop.

    Someone has to snap this up! Have you any pics you could post? The earliest Corvette I've seen was an '86 model and this one beats it!
  3. avatar Ciaran
    Fuck, where's the Ebay listing.

    I would love to buy this, as I have a 4-string Corvette, but just spent over a grand on a Stingray...

    Hmm....this is torture...
  4. avatar bassboy
    Hi all, I must apologise this is not an 85 corvette but was bought 1994... I got my maths wrong big time! I have amended the discription on ebay so as not to mislead anybody - you can find the listing quite easily by searching for Corvette in the bass guitars section... there are plenty of pics there.