1. avatar fastfude
    Some friends are investing in a big rig to expand their Cubase recording, but need advice on what soundcard to go with. An SB Live! or SB Audigy is not really in the same league, as we've got one of each already and found them wanting. I've spotted the [url="http://www.tweakmax.com/html/ap2496/ap2496-1.cfm"]MAudio Audiophile 2496[/url], which seems to get good reviews, but beyond that, it's not really my kettle of crabs. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. avatar EPK
    Hammerfall's pretty good.....but the wonderful EMU APS, which I've been using for the past two years, is still available from some places, and the Delta 66 has good stuff written about it..but isthe SB Live the Platinum one with breakout box?
  3. avatar fastfude
    the Live we have is a platinum. and the Audigy is a standard, but its platinum version just comes with a slightly different breakout box (added that SB1384 firewire port which you get on the back of the card anyhoo).

    basically we're looking for something that can competently integrate with and handle the workload of Cubase with praper ASIO drivers and minimal latencies. Both the SB cards can do it, but with bog-standard compatibility (the Audigy's ASIO drivers are a joke despite the alleged processing muscle, the Live doesn't even have any)
  4. avatar EPK
    Looks OK.......it has ASIO 2.0 capability and SPDif ins and outs...so it should be OK...dunno anyone who has used it though,,,trying posting in either alt.music.bedroom producers or alt.music producer to find users.
    I use the EMU ( with MME drivers!), and latency is lowish ...and I've had no difficulty putting stuff straight into Cubase.
  5. avatar muttlee
    i've decided to buy the audiophile 2496.
    the dudes in the cubase newsgroup seem to be quite enamoured with it and it sports midi. seems about the best in that price range. (£155)
    is that gas?