1. avatar livemusicpics.com
    08 June 2007
    (Beside Kings Hall)
    The Balmoral Hall is the setting for an evening of some of the best heavy bands
    on the planet! This June, Roadrunner Records stars MACHINE HEAD and KILLSWITCH
    ENGAGE will head up a fantastic lineup that also includes Ohio band CHIMAIRA.
    Get ready to rock!

    Book Online and get more information here:


    never heard of a gig happening in there - anyone else?
  2. avatar chrisjedijane
    I think I did an amateur drama thing in there when I was a kid or something.

    IIRC, the floor is carpeted. I imagine they'll have to replace it after the gig. It's a big hall, unusual venue though.
  3. avatar cruz
    I think I saw the Beastie Boys in there many moons ago. It's a big cow shed.
  4. avatar whosbainejakey
    [quote:bfb46e344b="cruz"]I think I saw the Beastie Boys in there many moons ago. It's a big cow shed.[/quote:bfb46e344b]

    [trivia]That was my first non local gig way back in 1995. Blues Explosion and DJ Hurricane supported. [/trivia]

    The venue is about as sexy as its full name of The Balmoral Conference Center name suggests.
  5. avatar Hamish
    I saw Ozzy Ozbourne somewhere in the King's Hall complex in 1989ish but not actually the Kings Hall, I think it was the bit out the back of it. If it's the same place, it was pretty sound.
  6. avatar foolrock
    The place has the acoustics of a baked bean can.
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  7. avatar Blind Friday Bassist
    [quote:e039b2848a="foolrock"]The places has the acoustics of a baked bean can.[/quote:e039b2848a]

  8. avatar Darragh-NDL
    I've heard the sound depends on who's running it, Aitken set up back boards etc... and all sorts, apparently wonderland don't bother... but that story is from a few years ago

    edit; ...but yeah didn't hear anything about this until last thursday there! bit stupid not hyping this up to be huge, as it will obviously go down amazingly with metallers
  9. avatar Panda 291
    My first post!
    This will be an incredible gig, The Blackening is a wonderful album