1. avatar Aidor
    i need to sync up acid to a digital 8 track. has anybody tried to do this? or better still, does anybody have the manual? either printed or in pdf format, or indeed any format.

    or where to get it, aside from sonic foundary themselves!

    cheers in advance!!
  2. avatar MICKOPIOUS
    My first post!
    I dont know but Im going to get this thread back on top to help you out man!
  3. avatar Labrat78
    My first post!
    Waste of time asking a proper musical question on this board...
  4. avatar batgranny
    Do you want it to be the master or the slave?
  5. avatar clivekells
    My first post!
    You said it Labrat
  6. avatar fastfude
    I take it that means you dunno the answer then? oh the irony!
  7. avatar Cormcolash
    Are you from Germany Labrat?
  8. avatar Labrat78

    F*ck Off.
  9. avatar EPK
    Maybe none of the proper musical types use Acid.
    A JL Cooper sync will sort it out...at a cost of about £300.
    Other than that, go to the Sonic Foundry site, and download a manual, which is available ther in PDF format, and will no doubt address sync issues.