1. avatar rentaghost
    There are a number of fridays that I could fit a support act into the bill.

    30th March (supporting Edna Welthorpe)
    6th April (supporting Dominic O'Neill)
    20th April (supporting Jimi Cullen)

    PM or email me if you are interested
    Preferably acoustic acts, who aren't already on the bill for April/May/June

    The usual food-related terms and conditions apply

    Did someone say it was hard to get gigs in this town? the mind boggles :?
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  2. avatar drive by fader
    Consider yoself PM'd.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    All slots at Common Grounds up to the end of June are now filled.
    I will be advertising again in June for musical goodness in August/September.

    Depending on whether i can garner an army of little helpers for a few weeks, there may or may not then be a break during October.
  4. avatar MtCaramel
    Mate, if you ever need a volunteer barista consider it done there, I'd be happy to help out. I usually do mornings at the awl $tarbucks, so I could come in an evening or 2 if you like.
  5. avatar rentaghost
    the cafe number is 028 90326589
    ask for Charmaine or Steve. They are the managers. All help greatly appreciated, thx