1. avatar I'mDead
    Seems that a movie about the Big Man is in the works. Check it:


    Lets have some ideas for the cast list please.
  2. avatar Mexico

    Ulster says NO!!!!!!!

    to trousers
  3. avatar RAAP Management
    What, Willie Frazer as Willie Frazer, the spurned former love interest?
  4. avatar *Russell*
    A few possibilities for the role of ian paisley are apparently liam neeson and robbie coltrane. But sure its just all speculation at this moment innit.
  5. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    I demand John Savident is cast in the lead role


    NEVER, ah say NEVER!
  6. avatar danbastard
  7. avatar 3cigarettes
    What moron producer thought this was a good idea?
  8. avatar kingmob
    I dunno - someone who saw mileage in a movie about one of the most controversial and high profile politicians of the 20th century :?
  9. avatar Scarboy
    haha peter kay shud play him :P
  10. avatar Shane
    I think Tom Cruise should play him. He's the same height and age and looks like him too. AND he's an alien.
  11. avatar tinpot anto
    Liam Neeson turned down the keys to Ballymena, cause he said it was a bigotted hole.

    He'd certainly put a lively spin on Mr Paisley.

    Can you imagine the craic?
  12. avatar PaulMAK
    I'm for Frank Carson taking up the role - sure its gonna be a political 'hoo ha' no matter how they attempt to portray it.

    Paul MAKs

  13. avatar *Russell*
    [quote:2b246a316c="tinpot anto"]Liam Neeson turned down the keys to Ballymena, cause he said it was a bigotted hole.

    He'd certainly put a lively spin on Mr Paisley.

    Can you imagine the craic?[/quote:2b246a316c]

    aye didnt the DUP oppose against him having the keys to ballymena?
  14. avatar I'mDead
    He turned them down because he knew they'd only be stolen in one of those fashionable 'creeper' style burglaries.

    James Gandolfini for Ian Paisley
    Carmen Electra for Iris Robinson
    Eddie Murphy for Ian Paisley Junior
    Art Garfunkel for Marty McGuiness
    Feline as mirror columnist and 'friend of the stars' Paul Martin.
  15. avatar thefatson
    What kind of light will he be painted in?

    Just wondering if they're going to cover the alleged kidnapping and brainwashing that first put him into the public eye.
  16. avatar die the flu
    My suggestion for the lead:

  17. avatar The Grace Jones
    [quote:7bf10874f6="die the flu"]My suggestion for the lead:


    "Now feel the power of this fully operational Battle Star, young Skywalker"

  18. avatar rentaghost
    BELFAST (Reuters) - Northern Ireland's main political parties agreed on Monday to start sharing power on [b:6b24e438a0]May 8[/b:6b24e438a0], the leader of the province's main Protestant party said.

    Hardline Protestant cleric Ian Paisley, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), announced the agreement at the end of his first face-to-face meeting with Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein and his political foe for decades.

    "Today we've agreed with Sinn Fein that this date will be Tuesday, May 8, 2007," Paisley, sitting next to Adams at the negotiating table, said. Adams said the agreement marked the start of "a new era of politics on this island."
  19. avatar feline1
    Yeah from what I can tell from the news this lunchtime,
    it's all basically because the people of the pravince are united in their miserly nouveau-riche selfish piggery and moral outrage at having to pay for their sewage to be treated.
  20. avatar rentaghost
    pretty much
  21. avatar tinpot anto
    I think you'll find the problem is with paying TWICE for the same thing.
  22. avatar rentaghost
    so does that mean we have to read twice about the same thing?

  23. avatar tinpot anto
    Well you started it. :P
  24. avatar whipchorus
    Al Pacino as Ian Paisley (Gerry, WHAT D'YA GOT?)
    Gene Wilder as Martin McGuinness
    Alan Rickman circa [i:438a55d4a0]Die Hard[/i:438a55d4a0] as Gerry Adams
    James Nesbitt as Ian Paisley Jr
    Rick Moranis as Peter Robinson
  25. avatar tinpot anto
    Big Iain - Cristopher Lee
    Wee Iain - Peter Lowry
    Peter Robinson - Vincent Price
    John Hume - Peter Cushing
    Gerry Adams - Brian Blessed
    Martin McGuinness - Richard Roundtree
    Mo Mowlam - Lucy Lawless
    Maggie Thatcher - Abi Titmuss
    Jim Molyneux - Patrick Stewart
  26. avatar The Grace Jones
    [quote:f97bf018f0="tinpot anto"]
    Wee Iain - Peter Lowry [sic]


    "Fazzer... Fazzer... don't go to ze Caztle, Fazzer. Zey're waiting for you wiz beards in ze Stormont Caztle..."

    Can you get Ken Russell to direct it?

    edit - Oh hey! Gerry Kelly : Boris Karloff???
  27. avatar kingmob
    [url=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2007/03/28/do2801.xml]Heffer heralds hell in handcart hegemony, hacks at Hain.[/url]

    Choice quote (among many):

    [quote:a99cab380a]Since he has been a slimy presence in their lives, in different ways, for much of the past 35 years, the public no doubt is already tired of being outraged by Peter Hain. This is a pity, because his abuse of Northern Ireland deserves utter contempt, and its completely self-serving nature may well land us with him as deputy prime minister.[/quote:a99cab380a]

    You couldn't make it up.
  28. avatar Lord Monocle of Kandahar
    Are you implying that there is something amiss with the reportage provided by the Telegraph, old chap?

    That Hain fellow - head too big for the shoulders - makes me want to blow it orf with my elephant gun.

    chin chin.
  29. avatar Sofa King Slow
    Surely one of these fellas but painted grey for Gerry Kelly would suffice
  30. avatar borninblood
    [quote:716d308895="Sofa King Slow"][img:716d308895]http://www.chicagogigs.com/images/content/blue-man-group_blue-man-group_theatre_tickets_029889.jpg[/img:716d308895]
    Surely one of these fellas but painted grey for Gerry Kelly would suffice[/quote:716d308895]

  31. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Dabaddee Dabadaaa?