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    3 pounds admission
    2 live acts
    2 DJs[/b:48ea3b26a6]

    St Paddy's Day is over, and this Monday's CLUB SANDWICH provides the perfect opportunity to relent those "i'm never drinking again!" vows you all made last Sunday. This week two of the best new punk-rock/emo bands will be gracing our stage for YOUR pleasure, Colenso Parade, plus support from Hijack The Bride!!! Believe it!

    COLENSO PARADE are a four piece from Omagh/Plumbridge, who storm the stage and take no prisoners. Each gig they play, their ever increasing band of loyal followers grows in number; get ready to love this band!

    "Their cracking ear for melody combined with a ramshackle charm reminiscent of early Libertines makes for utterly pleasent listening. You can throw in a dash of The Cure, The Clash and even a dollop of the strokes if you fancy. We've got our eye on these youngsters, and you should keep a 'ball on them too. Promising" - Alterantive Ulster, January 07

    How could you resist HIJACK THE BRIDE'S invitation to a "schizophrenic tea party", a mixture of hard-hitting and vigorous riffs, atmospheric instrumental build-ups, spectacular vocals, off-beat and energetic drums and vibrant bass chords throughout? This Coleraine five piece take their musical art seriously, refining their songs and set to a point where it can blow you off your bar stool! Their new EP 'Our Own Silence Project', promises to finally give this band the recognition they deserve. Miss at your peril!

    All in all, a night of great craic, great live music, great Djs and cheap drink you won't want to forget in a hurry! Doors are at nine, it'd be rude not to come!! Not to mention stupid.

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    YeORaaR DJs added to bill for Monday night

    And as always, all pints £2
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    This is tonight folks