1. avatar basileh
    This is a fundraiser gig for the 'West Belfast Suicide Awareness And Support Group'.


    Bands playing are;
    THE V NECKS - West Belfast band reformed specially for the gig. When I first saw them I thought their sound was like James Brown with The Sex Pistols.
    BAD BOAT - Doom Rock from Belfast. http://www.myspace.com/badboat
    UNDERLINE - Upbeat rock trio with with driving riffs, great melodies and influences from Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Muse, Soundgarden, Tool. http://www.myspace.com/underlinerock
    THE ANGRY HOST - Armagh based band. Just heard their album rough mix. original mix of rock with a doom style and a jazzy tinge. Everything from Mastadon to Trouble to Witchcraft.
    THROAT LOCUST - Dirty sludge and doom blues from Banbridge. For fans of Eyehategod and Extreme Noise Terror. http://www.myspace.com/distortedblues

    Tickets only @ £5 and are available from;

    The Culturlann (Tourist Info Desk), Falls Road. Belfast.

    Phoenix Records, Haymarket Arcade (Off Royal Avenue), Belfast.

    The Front Page Bar (downstairs), Donegall Street, Belfast.

    or email tombclark1_@hotmail.com about getting them through the post.

    Please support this worthy cause. Cheers
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  2. avatar pauldoherty
    The V Necks? Brilliant! Is that still Gavy and Jimmy Sadler and co?
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    Happy bucking days.

    Who's drumming for the necks Tom?
  4. avatar gl2200
    [quote:63d4ed5574="pauldoherty"]The V Necks? Brilliant! Is that still Gavy and Jimmy Sadler and co?[/quote:63d4ed5574]

    Are we talking the 'Lemon V-Necks' here?
  5. avatar pauldoherty
  6. avatar drakeguild
    Null Entry.
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  7. avatar pauldoherty
    good on whoever is running this,a good cause,and help where its really needed. :wink:
  8. avatar basileh
    Aye. The 'Lemon' V Necks are doin a one off gig with Seamie McAndreasa on drums (spelling wrong I'm sure) who had a live spell with them a fair while ago before Marty from Arcane was in them but he was well good as I recall from me old live tapes in Kelly Cellars.
    Gavy and Jimmy Sadler on too of course. Dunno about bass yet but Gavy has assured me they're definately playing and tickets are bein printed up and should be ready next wed.
    Should be a cracker.
  9. avatar basileh
    Tickets are in Culturlann now at the tourist info desk and The Suicide Awareness Group office 143 Falls Road.
  10. avatar basileh
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  11. avatar basileh
    UNDERLINE have joined the bill in place of Setting Off Sirens.
  12. avatar basileh
  13. avatar basileh
  14. avatar Baelmammon
    [quote:09ebe76b87]before Marty from Arcane was in them but he was well good as I recall from me old live tapes in Kelly Cellars. [/quote:09ebe76b87]

    Marty A is indeed one of the best drummers I've heard, great cause and great lineup. Is this tickets only or can you pay at the door?
  15. avatar basileh
    If it don't sell out you could pay at the door alright.
  16. avatar Chi-Lite
    So the V Necks are definitely doing it then?

    The rumours are flying, will they, wont they....

    I remember Seamie on Drums. Suited the V Necks style better than Marty Ellie, if you ask me.

    But then I always preferred it when Smit was still there.
  17. avatar basileh
    Yeah Seamie was more their wavelength.

    They are definatelty doing the gig but I'm not 100% on the lineup.
  18. avatar Arcane
    The V necks line up ended up as: Aidan and Marty from Arcane,
    Gav,Kev and Sadler when he felt like it. Anyone else were
    part timers.Except for Smit he just left.
  19. avatar basileh
    [quote:3757c095f4]and Sadler when he felt like it[/quote:3757c095f4]

    That Sadlier one is a git. Afraid he's past rockin d'ya think Aidan? I think he was worried it was getting Heavy Metal on him. :lol:
  20. avatar Arcane
    Te He He, Ya might be right there like but I've always loved Sadlier's guitar!!
    When I was young visiting our Kevs I thought he was a f**king
    legend on the the old 6 string!
    I hope we can all play!!
  21. avatar basileh
    You will be able to pay at the door but people with tickets will have priority.

    Some much appreciated prizes donated for the raffle;

    Nicks Warehouse have given a £60 voucher for food and drink
    Waterfront Hall have given 2 Ardal O Hanlan tickets
    Printers Cafe have given a meal for 2 and a bottle of wine
    Marcus Music have given a £25 voucher
    Movie House Cinemas have given a few sets of tickets
    Direct Wine Shipments have given 2 tickets to a wine tasting evening out

    More to announce...
  22. avatar Chi-Lite
    Unfortunately Geno Washington is also playing tomorrow, but I'll try and get round in time for the V Necks.

    Although last I heard Sadlier wasn't doing it.

    But he probably will.
  23. avatar charged
    lookin forward to this a good cause an a class lineup
  24. avatar basileh
    This was a great night. All the bands were fucking fantastic and I wish I had of been able to just rock out and get blootered but I did my best.
    Sorry about my disasterous raffle presentation. Can't believe my sis came up and picked her own no for the first prize. Then the raffle bucket got knocked over an all. But sure it eventually got sorted and I reckon everyone who came had a good time.
    Thanks tremendously to all the bands, Underline, Throat Locust also for the cd for the raffle and Dave, Chris Angry Host bro for the bass amp, Marty and Aidan from Arcane for running down from the Pavillion gig for what I believe to be one of the best V-Neck gigs. Ian did a great job on the sound and time and as much as I hear shit about bouncers they were dead on this night.
    Cheers to the Falls Community Council for printing up the tickets and all those who gave a donation for the raffle.
    Also cheers to the staff and pupils of Meanscoil Feirste, Beal Feirste for the collection of £122.
    We made just over £700 so I believe it was a success considerin the place wasn't packed and maybe it should be done again.
    Thanks again to everyone who made it.