1. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Help appreciated.

    Hitachi cd reader/writer as supplied with Getaway computer, 128/500 win98.

    Adaptec cd copier software, as supplied.

    Every time i tried to copy cds the thing crashes - freezes at a random point into the burn. I tried fiddling with all the hard disk options, also every program possible has been exited from the windows via task manager.

    I got some mp3-burning software. Same old story...gets to a random point then freezes.

    Please please can someone give me some suggestions as to what is wrong / how to fix it. ta.
  2. avatar cheeko Max
    Have you got your screen-saver activated? Sometimes the burn will stop once your screen saver comes on. It's sounds stupid but it could be the problem! It would be a good idea also, not to have other programs open while burning, let it have all your RAM to werk with.

    Anything more technical than this and i'm lost, sorry mate! Edited by: cheeko Max at: 11/27/01 5:16:37 pm
  3. avatar Rowan of Ravara
    Has this problem suddenly manifested itself? Have you tried burning with lower speeds? Have you tried out different makes of blank CD-Rs?

    It is probabbly best to totally remove all Easy CD Creator and Direct CD (given that's what you are using) and re-installing them again.

    Remember also, if you are copying CDs from one drive to another, there could be an issue with the audio extraction cabilities of the source CD-ROM drive.

    And oh yes, if you ever tried to install Nero or something over the top of the Adaptec software, that can feck things up.
  4. avatar koyo66
    My suggestion would be to get a Mac and a copy of Toast Titanium. That way you can spend your time using your computer to do things rather than wasting time trying to figure out why the hell it doesn't work.
  5. avatar s00z
    hmm if its constantly crashin and freezing up no matter what program or what CD's u use it might be an idea to take it back where u got it aint say "oi mate.. this is dodgy!"

    quote random bits of sale and supply of goods act and demand they give u a replacement
  6. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    if yer coppying cds, check the cd writer and cd player are on different IDE busses.. if they are on the same cable..
    it will screw up
  7. avatar father of soul
    My first post!
    Don't forget to inform the artists whos CD you are copying and forward him the necessary fee for his work
  8. avatar fastfude
    ah but Koyo, Toast is made by the same people that make Easy CD Creator, so if they can't get one right, why trust the other? (btw, I take sick pleasure in frustrating mac lovers with lines like "hmm, the quadra on our network had to be rebooted at least 5 times a day" etc

    ...and while I genuinely would like to have a [url="http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/233/wo/ZvsP92udqXIDt6vfvh1/"]Powerbook G4[/url], I could buy THREE fast Athlon XP rigs for the same price as the cheapest option! Ouchies! Edited by: fastfude at: 11/28/01 9:30:16 am
  9. avatar Blind Eye View
    a few things to try would be....

    - Re-start
    your PC before you start buring any CDs, making sure that no other programs are running.

    - If you're copying from and writing to the same drive (ie its imaging the CD to your hard drive), run scandisk and defragment the drive thats it being copied to

    - Switch off your screen saver

    - Try it witha
    re-writable CD , if it works with that then it may be a problemw ith your CDR's.

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  10. avatar koyo66
    ah but Fastfude, my point is that Toast on my Mac *always* works.
    As does my G4, for the most part. Which, in fact, cost me £600.
  11. avatar fastfude
    £600 for a G4?! crikey, where?
  12. avatar koyo66
    Erm, Yahoo auctions.......and fairly regularly.
  13. avatar fastfude
    ah right, must keep an eye out, cheers...

    anyhoo, Easy CD Creator's never failed for me. Think it's got more to do with the quality of yer burner and the discs than the software for this sorta thing...

    added to which, winXP makes the whole thing redundant anyway as it can write to CD-Rs by drag and drop (a-la Direct CD) which does the trick fer me
    Edited by: fastfude at: 11/28/01 9:08:42 pm
  14. avatar feline1
    Yes but ewe should also go to the website for the people who wrote ewer burning software (Adaptec) and made ewer CD writer drive (HP did ewe say?) and check that no driver updates are available
    (as what ewe got in a shap may be months out of date)

    Also go to [url]http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com[/url] and download any critical fixes and the like for Windows 98.

    And, indeed, turn off ewer screen saver ;-)

    And also "Auto Insert Notification" on the CD-writer driver.
    And maybe enable DMA on it?
    Or maybe switch DMA off it? ;-)
  15. avatar DeathDisco
    My first post!
    There was a whole hoo-hah about Easy CD Creator 5 and problems with Windows over at [url="http://www.theregister.co.uk"] The Register [/url]

    Being a mac user Toast ain't failed me yet, though have taken to using the drag and drop discburner feature in OS 9, still need to update to X 10.1 to get the same feature there though.
  16. avatar fastfude
    just out of interest, The Reg [url="http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/39/23078.html"]are reporting[/url] Apple's G5 will be in da shaps soon.
  17. avatar The Evangelists
    I use toast to burn my cds and they dont play in some CD players. Anyone know what thats all about?

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  18. avatar Suki Monster
    Eamonn thats probably the quality of cdrs u are using. My computer used to crash with tha cd writer when i had a crack version of cubase istalled. :o
  19. avatar antojasper
    The Only thing I know about burning CD's is only ever to burn them at normal speed.

    All that 32x ballix, causes massive hissiness and loss of response.
  20. avatar The Evangelists
    yeah, but imagine burning a hundred 30-min cd-r's at normal speed. I could grow a full beard.

    TDK are a good quality cd-r but you can only get them in a shop for £1 a go.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists[/url]