1. avatar [misterbillz]

    I'm a singer/songwriter and I play guitar. ha. I write tunes and am looking for a few gigs to place. Can anyone offer me anything? Or point me in the direction of someone who can?


  2. avatar rentaghost
    I'm currently booking for June. have a look at the dates available in the thread on the industry and commerce forum and pick one.
  3. avatar Danny McCormack
    Make sure you bring a jack lead :D
  4. avatar [misterbillz]
    Danny what are you on about?
  5. avatar Mexico
    check the equipment for gigs thread on the main forum
  6. avatar rentaghost
    yes indeed. from now on, anyone who forgets their jack leads is liable to be throttled with an XLR cable.

    no more miss nice guy.
  7. avatar mcclurg
    i'm not quite sure "miss nice guy" existed... or was it a sorta "sweet transvestite from transylvania" rocky horror show kinda thing
  8. avatar rik
    LOL at above. :lol:
  9. avatar [misterbillz]
    unlike some people i'm organised when it comes to gigs. i tend to bring everything i need.. ie jack leads.