1. avatar Strong Reaction
    Hi there

    I'm looking for email contacts for the above venues to enquire about booking dates for a singer/songwriter. Also, if anyone knows any other small venues/cafes which are acoustic friendly any information would be much appreciated.

  2. avatar sheriffjohnstone
    PM Rentaghost in regards to Common Grounds
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Thanks, have done.
  4. avatar I'mDead
    Is it a 'Muscle Beach/Split Red' unplugged session?
  5. avatar goatboy
    It's actually for an Elvis Pretzel / KHT backing jam.
  6. avatar Baronation
    No no no, it's This Kiss Kills doing acoustic versions of Los cabros B sides.
  7. avatar RAAP Management
    Muscle Beach doing electro pop covers of Vorderman rarities, I heard.
  8. avatar ssmcmullan
    I'm gonna guess at Jessi Eastfield solo acoustic. Really.
  9. avatar nonlogic liam
    Monkey mc vids versus portcullis in a battle of the wits, refreshments by
    Eva destruction. Followed by the comic musings of Rodan.
  10. avatar rentaghost
    ha ha

    i know what it is

  11. avatar nonlogic liam
    [quote:5c7e930183]ha ha

    i know what it is


    Please say the comic musings of Rodan. Please!
  12. avatar rentaghost
    Liam, I can say it - thing is, would I mean it?
  13. avatar goatboy
    Is it a Paedoes in Speedos / FPK reunion gig?
  14. avatar Strong Reaction
    It's Year Zero/Regrettable Hairdos/Saville.

    Plus Disorder.

    Rentaghost, thanks for the info. The date I had in mind was 18th May, but Common Grounds is booked that night. I'll look elsewhere!
  15. avatar goatboy
    Are Relieve Stress While You Drive playing Common Grounds on the 18th of May?
  16. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yes. With Conjugal Siamese Visit.
  17. avatar Baronation
    Waspfest 2007.
  18. avatar spirit of division
    with reformed eva destruction and baron's jar no less!
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    All naked perfornmances from No Hero, P45 and Ooops!, my sources tell me.
  20. avatar rentaghost
    I think you will find that Common Grounds will be featuring Steve McCann and Rachel Austin on the 18th May,actually.

    Just in case there's any confusion, like

    EDIT: To Liam below.

    We will be featuring Acoustic Simsie fairly soon. He has already agreed to play. Once we find which skip Griswold has him sleeping in.....
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  21. avatar nonlogic liam
    The F.A.B experience featuring simms, Rikmando featuring E.P.K, the Johnny stainer lifestyle band featuring Paul Brannagh and of course Pulsar featuring Connie. All these things I demand!
  22. avatar Strong Reaction
    You'll get nothing and like it.