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    SWURVE - www.myspace.com/swurveband
    EXIT - www.myspace.com/exitonline
    THRONES OF ROLL - www.myspace.com/thronesofroll
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    SWURVE are pleased to announce their return to the live Belfast music scene after a year & a half with a gig at Auntie Annie's on Sun 15th April.
    Also on the night there will be sets from 2 cracking Belfast/Lisburn bands EXIT & THRONES OF ROLL, should be a great night not to be missed!!!

    Fri 13th April - Swurve + Support Live at Brysons Town & Country Inn, Magherafelt.

    Sun 15th April - Swurve / Exit / Thrones of roll Live at Auntie Annie's, Belfast.

    Doors open 8.30pm / £5

    Formed in 1996 N Irish rock band ‘Swurve are pleased to announce their return to the music scene after taking over a year & a half out due to personal reasons along with working on new material which they will debut live at the up & coming gigs. Swurve’s american anthemic melodic rock sound has been well received over the years within the music business along with constant touring / ep/single releases the band has been praised as one of the best live bands around by senior music industry representatives along with some major established acts. Swurve are currently in talks with a few labels at present with a single & album release in the pipeline, the bands aim for 2007 is to gig as much as possible creating a buzz promoting forthcoming ep 'Inside, watch this space!!!

    For more info: www.myspace.com/swurveband

    EXIT are a hard-hitting Anthemic melodic rock band from Belfast/Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Formed late 2004 with the goal of bringing proper rock 'n' roll, quality song-craft, innovation and entertainment values back to the main-stage of modern music.

    The band has been gigging constantly in all the major venues in Belfast, Derry, Dublin and the UK. Recently the band supported "Starsailor" and "Jouney South" and also completed a tour of the UK which included a date in the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool. Currently creating a stir within the music indusrty 2007 is an exciting year for EXIT.



    A brief history.....

    Since their birth in the early part of 2006, Thrones Of Roll have quickly become....
    '' A major force to be reckoned with ''

    In the short time the band have been together they have already released one self produced album - Time After Time - which has gained much critical acclaim. With it's blend of hard rock, soaring melodies and heartfelt emotion, the album expertly showcases the bands diverse musical influences.

    The live show has to be seen to be believed.....

    Playing to full houses in such prestigious venues as 'The Empire' and 'Spring & AirBrake' Thrones Of Roll have steadilly built up a solid and loyal fanbase which grows with every show.

    The band are ambitious, committed and driven - relentless in their quest for the ultimate prize .... WORLD DOMINATION !


    ''A band for the future...'' : FATE MAGAZINE
    ''More energy than a shed load of seven year olds...'' : CHANNEL 4
    ''Such a unique sound...It's great to see a local band not afraid to break the mould'' UTV
    'Local heroes... absolutely amazing live show..'' : JOHNNY HERO

    If any record companies, management companies, promoters, venue owners or fans would like to contact Thrones Of Roll they can be reached here....

    Andy - Guitar : 07815444916
    Shane - Vocals : 07729910203
    Dee - Bass : 07716014640
    Michael - Drums : 07743113626



    Rock 'n' Roll is Dead..... Long live Thrones Of Roll !
  3. avatar exitonline
    Yeah we're looking forward to this, should be a good night.
  4. avatar Swurve
    See Above, should be a good night!!!
  5. avatar leesub60
    [quote:7ea411b3c7="Swurve"]...the band has been praised as one of the best live bands around by senior music industry representatives along with some major established acts.[/quote:7ea411b3c7]

    nice touch of vagueness there.
    up your own arse much...?
  6. avatar Swurve
    whos sub60?
  7. avatar leesub60
    they're no swurve, that's for sure.

    but then again swurve are no light without heat...
  8. avatar Swurve
    what are you digging up light without heat for? thats a rock cover band that broke up years ago Swurve is an original melodic rock band, 2 very very different bands!!!
    And anyway whats your problem & what has Swurve we ever done to you?

    wise up lee....
  9. avatar leesub60
    aw now c'mon, don't downplay the mighty heat.

    anyways, how could i not love the swurve?
    any band whose drummer is a dead ringer for Quark from deep space nine is ok by me.
  10. avatar GBrown
    this should be a great gig!!