1. avatar ryanego
    Im currently messing about recording with a set of Arbiter Flats I got given and I'm looking for a decent bit of software to swap the dodgy recorded drums for samples of nice drums. I know better drums, better heads, better technique = better sound but I'm not really a drummer and I just want to have this set up for knocking things together that are passable.
    I don't want to go down the programming route, its too much like hard work.

    I know drumagog is a great program for replacing drums, but are there any other programmes that will perform similarly which are cheaper?


  2. avatar drakeguild
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  3. avatar Pete
    Except none of those do what he wants, which is to sample replace recorded drums.

    I use Drumagog myself, it doesn't get used that often but it's a great tool for rescuing a poor snare drum or adding in weird effects (replacing a snare with handclaps or the kick with a bass synth for example). It is very flexible and extremely easy to use.

    The only alternative that I know of is Sound Replacer but that is Pro Tools only.

    There are long winded ways of doing it manually with detected hit points in most DAW packages. I read a cubase tutorial on it once and then bought Drumagog!
  4. avatar drakeguild
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  5. avatar Pete
    They were some nice packages that you pointed out though. Stylus has long been a favourite of mine for playing around with groove and riff ideas. The library of loops that you get with it is immense.
  6. avatar ryanego
    Cheers gents.
    Pete, did you order drumagog from their website or did buy it through a dealer in the UK?

    For anyone else reading this topic in a similar situation, I've been using this wee free plugin for a while now and its dead handy for some stuff, but a little limited dynamically etc.
  7. avatar Pete
    I bought it direct, but that was several years ago, it was around version 2 at the time and I think it was only possible to buy direct.
  8. avatar eazy_rider

    http://mda.smartelectronix.com/effects.htm (and look for 'Beatbox)

    Both these will get the job done (esp. if you record each drum to a seperate track, although they will do a half decent job of isolating a couple of different drums), and are free/share/donation.

    There's another one that I can't remember right now.......I think it's called Peak Freak.

    Hope these help.