1. avatar the dregs jonny

    The Dregs

    With DJ Gregz later on.......

    The last chance to see the Dregs and have a feg at the same time ! Terry's back in the saddle after his unfortunate coconut tree incident.

    PS Anyone got a place to stay ?
  2. avatar frajam
    What time be this be?
  3. avatar jenniemcc
    doors 8pm - 11pm

    Sines onstage 9ish,
    Dregs stumble onstage around 10pm i reckon.

    Admission £3 which includes admission to the Bunker Club from 11pm onwards.

    CHEAP BOOZE! including, vodka, stella, cider,...i think?
  4. avatar goatboy
    Gigs forum?
  5. avatar the dregs jonny
    Gigs forum?

    Sorry goatboy - haven't been on here much recently as the Dregs were kidnapped en masse, so I don't really know the current protocol re gig discussion etc. Just stuck it up anyway.

    If you want a wee reminder of the Dregs back in the day (way back last November !) here they are playing an old favourite at the Empire....

  6. avatar TimS
    We're looking forward to this. Haven't seen the Dregs before but I like the recorded stuff.

  7. avatar TimS
  8. avatar jenniemcc
    And after our success in Derry last night, me and Angie will once again be DJing @ Club Sandwich tonight.

    Not a strictly F*ROCK set though, so expect to hear a bit more Hot Chip and a bit less Kylie.