1. avatar Ric_vdb
    Hey there guys!
    Just advertising something im selling at the moment, getting rid of some drum gear!
    This is a [b:06349b8540]BigDog double bass drum pedal[/b:06349b8540], selling because i barely get any use out of it, as my playing style has recently changed quite alot. Its a great, sturdy, well-made pedal, and i resent having to get rid of it, but im hoping someone else will get better use out of it! Its under one year old, a few scrapes here and there, nothing too serious [really, barely noticeable], and is in full working order!

    Asking price, £70.

    If you'd like to discuss it further, or are remotely interested in anyway, give me a shout by emailing

    - [b:06349b8540]hifikilla@msn.com[/b:06349b8540]

    or calling
    - [b:06349b8540]07774 020 838[/b:06349b8540]

    Im Richard, by the way!
  2. avatar rik
    hey dude...im interested.How does £50 grab you?
  3. avatar Ric_vdb