1. avatar Scrawled
    1024x768 min. resolution

  2. avatar Eddie
    looks great. really like the wak cd design
  3. avatar Scrawled


    MELVINS - Schorndorf, Germany 2007

    Part of the official European tour series for the Melvins / Big Business / Porn spring 2007 offensive.
    15 x 28", 3 colours on heavy duty Heritage Bookwhite 315GSM art paper.

    Signed & numbered edition of 115.

    This little girl and her pet need a loving home where she can watch you from a place on the wall for the rest of your mortal existence. Please help.

    UK CUSTOMERS : £13 INCLUDING postage + packaging in a strong 3" tube.
    WORLD CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE UK (including Eire) : $30 US dollars INCLUDING postage + packaging in a strong 3" tube.

    Payment via Paypal to : scrawled@hotmail.com
    or visit www.scrawled.co.uk to browse the shopping cart!

  4. avatar adamuko
    great stuff

    nothing else like it locally
  5. avatar ryan.feud
    Thoroughly recommended! Wait til y'all see the awesome work he's done for us.