1. avatar gerard
    Hi everyone, ive recently just got a band together to back me up, I was wondering what is the best way to promote a gig? I see lots of posters advertising different bands playing at differnt venues all round belfast but because i dont know what the bands sound like, im hardly going to go! and theres no point in getting just your mates to go, its good for atmosphere etc but if ur trying to get 'noticed' having friends isnt gonna work is it....so anyone any good ways of promoting a gig?


  2. avatar Danny McCormack
    You could try an outrageous public stunt, such as running naked through Shaftesbury Square. If it gets you in the papers, it'll get you noticed - any publicity is good publicity!
  3. avatar Danny McCormack
    Oh yes, on a more sensible note, if your band is ready to record you could produce a 4 track demo to distribute at gigs and give to promoters. Also, a physical press pack is a must for a band nowadays when MySpace is really the only way promoters can find out about bands. Nothing says 'professional' more than a band who has a press pack, a decent CD and a will to succeed!
  4. avatar gerard
    hey man thanks for the advice! thats a class idea about streaking haha!

    im thinking when we are all well rehearsed about doing something outrageous in public haha an orgie in city hall grounds with us playing at it!