1. avatar SHH
    My first post!
    Bass player aged 19 (in a week) based in Belfast looking to form or join band:

    .4 years experience w/live experience

    .Currently pursuing some theory and chordal/melodic development

    .influences include: Sikth, Mastodon, Mare, Tool, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Testswitch Isolator, Bjork, Aphex Twin, Moby, Periphery, Ed Gein, Sleep Terror, Robert Miles, The Mad Capsule Markets, Explosions in The Sky, Pelican, Jesu, Sunn 0))), Red Sparowes etc., I'm a bassist who likes his electronica additions...

    .Willing to play any style, but preferrably noisecore/experimental/instrumental

    .Due to finalise basis of equipment by end of April (new Hartke 4x10 comin' right up), using a Dean Rhapsody 5 (discontinued)

    .Would prefer group in Belfast area, but willing to travel if possible and if there's mass potential

    Any more info etc. please contact allotherbusiness@hotmail.com, note I DON'T use it for MSN so don't add the address

  2. avatar delirium
    hey man were looking a bassist from the belfast area. ive got a drummer and another guitarist from belfast, i also live in belfast too..our influences are :arch enemy, children of bodom, megadeth, fear factory, rammstein, meshuggah..and more were also looking a keyboard/piano player. weve all been playing around the 4/5 year mark and were all 18-20 years old so give me a shout. just PM me or reply to the post.
  3. avatar damageplanner
    yeo man im in the process of finding ppl to start a prog band in belfast. got 2 gutars n drums so far am in need of bass vox and keys. if ur interested pm me
  4. avatar Tele
    Why are you starting sentences with a full stop?
  5. avatar The Donk
    Hey man, hartke arent really the best cabs you could go for for the type of music you want to play. They sound ok, but they're not nearly loud enough. They're like 400 watts for a 4x10? Get a peavy cab or something similar. Much more volume and a reall ballsy sound for about the same money. And they last longer too.
  6. avatar Brendzo
    . think he means bullet points
  7. avatar PaulMAK
    [quote:6607ccf31b="Tele"]Why are you starting sentences with a full stop?[/quote:6607ccf31b]

    I wondered that too after noticing none at the end of any sentences.

    With such a varied set of influences you shouldnt have a problem finding a band. Good luck!

    Paul Maks