1. avatar Mick from FOOL
    My first post!
    how can achieve the best results from using an average(yet dated) yamaha 4 track.
    2 guitars, bass, head the ball drummer and two vocals.
    tried many many times still sound like we recorded inside a duffle coat.
  2. avatar Niall Harden
    clean the heads on the Yamaha but to be honest it's prolly just the machine itself, with decent mics it's not too hard to get something that sounds decent (or even good
  3. avatar antojasper
    Make sure you run every thing through a PA or some sort of amp, even your HIFI and from there into the 4-track.

    Mike up guitar AMPS via a PA too

    And NEVER directly into the 4 track.
    for that is surely the path of crappness

    Oh and always use Maxell Tapes
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  4. avatar Riffmaster Steve
    Take the duffle coat off.

  5. avatar Suki Monster
    Use the 4 track as a mixer and record 2 mini disk.Tape is evil.
  6. avatar Blind Eye View
    Mike up guitar AMPS via a PA too

    Wha ?? Do you mean stick Suki Monster onto your amp ??

    I'd recommend mic'ing them