1. avatar ShowYourBones

    Extortionate ticket prices I bet!
  2. avatar drakeguild
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  3. avatar whosbainejakey
    No AC/DC then? :(
  4. avatar ShowYourBones
    Ive also heard that this year it will be a two day thing over two weekends, with The Police headlining the other date.

    [i:a91adb4ba1]Slane Advertising Campaign[/i:a91adb4ba1]
  5. avatar Vegas
    well The Stones are making an tour announcment today at 4pm. It will be streamed on their official website also. We'll know then I'd say.
  6. avatar ChristBaitRising
    I got 4 tickets easy enough this morning ..... 62 quid each
  7. avatar ShowYourBones
    Got 3 this morning too.
  8. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Got a couple meself. Should be clawss
  9. avatar Danny McCormack
    Lucky cunts. They're sold out now!
  10. avatar livemusicpics.com
    i wouldn't pay a fiver for them. seats at slane for the first time too apparently.
  11. avatar whipchorus
    They're no Beatles.
  12. avatar Danny McCormack
    [quote:99a9a1c82d="livemusicpics.com"]seats at slane for the first time too apparently.[/quote:99a9a1c82d]

    Yeah, I believe the seats are gonna be in the same location as the disabled area was in the last few years, up towards the Castle on a platform.