1. avatar i_amannie_b
    are there actually any in northern ireland that aren't just for local unsigned bands?
  2. avatar Chi-Lite
    I'm sure none of them have a "Local Unsigned Bands Only" policy like.
  3. avatar i_amannie_b
    well i mean... like at the venue, you dont really get any signed bands.
    ya know?
  4. avatar The Grace Jones
    Are the Ulster Hall/Kings Hall/Odyssey not generally all-ages for the big gigs?
  5. avatar i_amannie_b
    Yeh, but i mean for bands that aren't that big.
    E.g. i love shiny toy guns and they were playing in auntie annies a while ago, but being 16, i cant get in.
  6. avatar The Grace Jones
    Hmmm. Not overly.

    You might have hit upon something The Scene [sic] is severely lacking there; as far as I'm aware the single biggest demographic for record sales is age ranges 14-19, therefore 66.6(wahey!)% of the target sales area is largely unapproachable for anyone not quite big enough for the Ulster Hall, etc.

    Would be an interesting conversation if you were trying to start a record label in this country, and seeking a start up loan for the business, to explain that you wanted to do this while being largely unable to reach two thirds of the main target market through the main means of promoting record sales, i.e. gigs.

    There are a few all-ages shows around for local bands, but it strikes me as a key area in which movement is required; those 14-19 year olds really [i:555b26144c]are[/i:555b26144c] the music scene*, as opposed to us old cobbers on here...

    * [cynicism]and, ahem, are a lot more willing to part with their cash for cds and t-shirts, etc...[/cynicism]
  7. avatar thesneakybandit
    queen's students union occasionally do all ages gigs.
    enter shikari played there a while back and the place was over run by 14 year olds. they're coming back on april 3rd as well.

    i also remember there being some sort of all ages event in the black box. although i can't remember anything else about it. i'm old and the mind has started to go y'see.

  8. avatar j0j0
    yeah there is an all ages event in the Black Box on the 21st April, tis local bands though.
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'm pretty sure The Bunker can be hired on Saturday afternoons for all-ages shows for both local and touring bands. Also you could talk to the staff at Common Grounds about the upstairs hall. They had The Evens there last year which was all-ages. You could also try the people at Catalyst Arts.
  10. avatar ssmcmullan
    I've been trying to sort something out for slightly bigger gigs with no real success (at least til Oh Yeah get their venue open)

    The Bunker do allow all age Saturday shows but Belfast needs more 14+ shows, I'd love to have done Propagandhi and The Bouncing Souls as 14+ but the venue refused.

    Currently I'm trying to get The Black Box to do Napalm Death as 14+, I doubt it'll happen without them closing the bar (which we can't really do as I've met Napalm Death fans before)
  11. avatar rentaghost
    There is an all ages event upstairs from Common Grounds on 31st March.
    All local bands though.
  12. avatar jenniemcc
    Eh, I tried to book Common Grounds yesterday for an U18 event in June, and was told that due to health and saftey issues they couldn't take bookings at the minute, until they bring the place up to code?

    What's the deal?
  13. avatar rentaghost
    this was in the diary prior to that ruling and is an event being run internally. It is true that we aren't taking external bookings for upstairs at the mo - although the health and safety things are getting sorted as we speak, so it shouldnt take too long. They are upgrading the rear fire escape.

    do you want me to ask for you? By June we should have everything sorted.
  14. avatar jenniemcc
    Yeah that would be great. It's for the very end of June too - I'll PM you the details
  15. avatar i_amannie_b
    I'm pretty excited about Oh Yeah, it sounds like it'll do awesome things for the NI music scene, signed and unsigned.