1. avatar connor
    My first post!
    what would be the best way to get those fender rhodes synth noises on my bass without worring about slow tracking. maybe i should just get a synth keyboard, what would be the cheapess, boards of canda anyone?
  2. avatar feline1

    Fender Rhodes is an electric piano, not a bass synth.

    Ewe are confused somewhere, sir.

    Perhaps ewe want a synth with a pitch-to-voltage convertor,
    like the Korg MS20 wot Jupiter Ace has.
  3. avatar connor
    can u only get a fender rhodes second hand?
  4. avatar feline1
    Well, ewe steal one instead, I suppose... :-)

    (Fender stopped manufacturing them long ago y'all...)
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    there's one in Limerick for £250 but hands off, i want it!

    i don't quite know what yr on about connor but get thee an Electro Harmonix Microsynth this instant!
  6. avatar connor
    is the boss synth pedal anygood
    for bottom end bass sounds from my thunderbird?
  7. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    I used a boss SYB-3 bass synth with panda kopanda.. the tracking is decent (if you use your fingers)
    they cost 'bout £130 new.

    if you want perfect tracking though you will have to fork out for a midi pickup/converter job (about £450) and even then you will still need a synth to make any sound..

    I will sell you my 8 month old SYB-3 boxed for £100 though (i dont play bass anymore)
  8. avatar connor
    i will buy it of u in the new year(student grant), if i could test it first. can u get lots of different sounds
  9. avatar feline1
    Or come to see the Feline Dream at Xmas and ewe will see my exciting bass pedals wot I play with my feet as well as my geetar of bassness they are mazzin leek with the filtersweeps of metal werker death 'n' all...
  10. avatar James Flumox
    I borrowed a syb-3 from Marcus over a weekend a while back.

    I couldn't get it to track reliably at all, unfortunately, and handed it back.

    I have since spent the money on beer.


  11. avatar connor
    r u the old panda ko panda bass player then. did u use it when we play with u
  12. avatar connor
    what kind of pedals do u use and when are u playin feline1
  13. avatar feline1
    They are made by the Italian organ company Viscount, who were also famous in the 80s for their pleasing minty biscuits. The have Curtis ElectroMusic chips inside "and everything"
  14. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    yeah sure.. i wont be home untill next month anyway..

    the pedal gives basic square and saw wave sounds with a 24dB filter it also has presets that shift the synth down an octave, add noise before the filter, or bypass the synth section to turn it into an envelope filter.

    it sounds squidgy and yum..!

    though possibly not as yum ass moog taurus pedals ...
  15. avatar feline1
    well NOTHING sounds as yum as moague taurus pedals...
    ...but they cost about £800 these days (IF ewe can find any in the first place)
    But they are also really skinny, rather hard to play if ewe have well-endowed feet like me :-)
  16. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    i herd (about the skinny pedals).. the lady frum ad n to x had a custom stand so she could play them them with her hands .. though that looked rather silly
  17. avatar feline1
    YEs y'all, ADD N TO X are rather silly...

    I mean why doesn't she just play a better sounding keyboard with her fingers?!?

    Like, "duh" or sthg.

    My Viscount pedals are thankfully quite chunky.
    Which is nice...

    (they also tend to break down in the middle of songs.
    Which is not :-O
  18. avatar Baron Sized
    My first post!
    Hey Feline, Viscount biscuits are still very popular.

    Although these days people prefer the bar form of viscount.
  19. avatar Anonymous
    andy. i will buy it off you within the next week. sounds like a good deal to me. pob-lem? email?
  20. avatar dodgi stereo
    the boss pedal is quite fun. I have one with no intentions of getting rid of it for a while. The auto filter section is werth half the price on it's own. The synth tracking is monophonic so if you're not a very precise player you will not get the melodic output you want. But the sounds are fine for the cash.

    On another note. I totally disagree with Feline 1 as to his comments regarding ADD (N) to X. Don't start Davis.

    I've seen your band on several occasions and have heard most of your back catalogue, and although you may squirm about it in that self reverential manner you always adopt. They sound bigger and more analogue than your band.

    I see it as a challenge. I go to the gig in December, you try to coax out of your equipment a bass sound bigger than theirs. Their bass peadls mixing with a wild ARP synthi solo are gonna be a little hard to beat.

    I know it's not the same as a dual with you both side by side, but I'll be the judge...so there.
  21. avatar feline1
    We will beat them in the bass bins, we will beat them in the Beachcombers,
    we will beat them all rahnd the haus y'all! :-O
  22. avatar feline1
    Good link for that fella wot asked about Fender Rhodes:

  23. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    yeah the synth pedal is going.. along with a few other things.

    ahem. classifieds.. i know but:


    ROLAND TR-505 £50


    CREAMWARE LUNA SOUNDCARD&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp £200

    PCI recording card, 3 Sharc DSPs, 2xanalogue-I/O,
    2x digital-I/O, 24-Bit / 96 kHz, Z-Link for Luna 2496 I/O Box (8 Analog-I/Os)Driver for ASIO 2.0,EASI, DirectSound, MME, tripleDAT, GigaSampler, OMS, Sound Manager MIDI Interface

    EMS500 MODULAR 12U 19" RACK CASE with MIXER MOUNT £130

    The system allows an EMS case to be expanded in 3U increments.
    There is front and rear access. Depth between front and rear rack mounts is 455mm.
    The case material is a polycarbonate mix as in car bumpers and crash helmets.

    SONY 12X/8X/32X EIDE CD-RW (BLACK)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp £60

    2 U RACK DRAWER&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp £20
    40 cm deep, Steel

    RACK DRAWER (DRILLED BACK FOR CABLES)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp £20
    40 cm deep, Steel

    2 U RACK CONVERTER (FOR HI-FI SEPERETES) &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp £15

    RACK EARS FOR SPIRIT FOLIO F1 MIXER (14:2)&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp £15
    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
  24. avatar Smack Weasel
    Im definately interest in the BOss pedal
    and the Roland 505 please contact me SmackWeasel@hotmail.com
  25. avatar feline1
    WARNING: the Roland TR505 drum maschine is *NOT* a classic analogue drum machine, it is just a wick wee cheapo mid-80s *DIGITAL* MIDI beatbox
    It should NOT be confused with desirables such as the TR808 and TR909
    However having said that, fifty quid is a perfectly reasonable price for one.