1. avatar Iso9
    anyone know anywhere in town that hires em out?
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  2. avatar oxo
    bairds hire cdj 1000 pioneer if thats any good to ya 8)
  3. avatar oxo
    is it just for a 1 off gig or a regular hire? 8)
  4. avatar Iso9
    i'm considering booking a guy who has 2 denon cd decks on his tech rider..bit of a pain to get about here i'd imagine.
  5. avatar oxo
    is it the 3500s or 5000s? which night you lookin to book.maybe be able to source sunthin for ya. 8)
  6. avatar Iso9
    oof..good question. probably the latest model, but whatever you can find lemme know..cheers!

    the date ain't set yet..its just an idea for now. probably won't happen til late summer at earliest as we're already sorted for shows til then.
  7. avatar oxo
    will it be a friday or saturday nite? 8)
  8. avatar oxo
    pm:d ya man. 8)
  9. avatar Iso9
    the pm didn't come through for some reason. aye, probably a saturday. my email is info@diston.org. if you've any luck lettus know and i'd be grateful :D
  10. avatar blackdog
    Production house have about 3 of them, 02890 79 89 89 [url=http://www.productionhouse.net]www.productionhouse.net[/url]
  11. avatar Iso9
    wicked. cheers mate.